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What is the only flying mammal in earth?

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What is the only flying mammal in earth?
posted May 4, 2017 by Kavyashree

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2 Answers

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The only mammal that is actually capable of powered flight is the bat. All bats belong to the order Chiroptera. The word Chiroptera comes from the Greek words cheir meaning "hand" and pteron, which means "wing" because the structure of the open wing is very similar to an outspread human hand.

answer May 5, 2017 by Shivaranjini
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Bats are the only mammal that can fly.
There are only 2 known species of bats that have the ability to walk on the ground:

  • The lesser short-tailed bat
  • American common vampire bat

There are only 6 species of bats that are known to roost upright rather than the usual upside down position

answer Dec 29, 2017 by Panchika Trivedi