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Which city is called "The Temple City" in india and why?

0 votes
Which city is called "The Temple City" in india and why?
posted Apr 1, 2017 by Deepa

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Bhubaneshwar is called "The Temple City" in india. Because Bhubaneshwar has about 500 hundred temples, most of which had been designed in the 7th century and 12th century. The beautiful and Smart City Bhubaneshwar has some of the mind-blowing temples. To name a few:
1. Rajarani Temple (built in the 11th century)
2. Lingaraj Temple (1,100 years old)
3. Mukteshwara Temple (Gem of Odisha Architecture)
4. Parsurameswar Temple
5. Brahmeswar Temple
6. Vaital Deul Temple
7. Rameswar Temple
8. Yameshwar Temple
9. Ram Mandir
10. Purvesvara Temple

answer May 19, 2017 by Ranjit Bera
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