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Online gambling – A Prospective

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Hello Internet people I find this website to convey my thoughts about the topic Online Gambling (

I have read many articles, sources from Internet on the above topic and when I lost trust on Gambling I made a quick believe not to play gambling again until I have the reason to guide people about right way what is the purpose of Gambling. I have seen many people who had fear of losing and they don’t try gambling in their lifetime and have some false myth about it. Let me help you to clear some of your wrong thoughts from your list.



Most common online gambling myths

All Online Gambling is Illegal to play: Most of the people doesn’t know that playing gambling is perfectly legal in most part of the world. Many in United States believe that they would be breaking the law by using a gambling website. It is illegal to start and operate a gambling website without the proper licenses in most parts of the world. However I am not aware of anywhere where it's a criminal offense to actually use a gambling website.

Gambling websites are not secure: A lot of people worry that if they join a gambling website they are at risk of expose of their personal data. In terms of security such as encryption, like a casinos gambling are also legally obliged to protect your data using standard encryption. The industry standard security for all online payment protection to use for credit and debit card information is – ‘128-bit SSL’ digital encryption. Some of the website are not secure with those encryption and on other hand some top gambling websites use advanced security technology and encryption techniques that protect your data and your funds.

Gambling websites cheat their users: A classic 2004 story appeared in the Wall Street Journal that addresses the issues related to regulating Indian casinos. There have been cases where websites have been caught cheating and investigated as fraud but on the other side vast majority of websites don't behave in this way. They profit and earn a good reputation in the long run by treating their customer fairly.

It's Impossible to win: The facts are that websites don't fix results so it is possible to win at gambling. Nothing is impossible right. However all forms of gambling are the same of course. For example playing casino games, mostly means relying on luck to win. On the other hand betting on sports or playing poker can be profitable with right set of skills and solid strategies.

Casino games are rigged: Games don’t hide this fact that you more likely to lose money than earn money when you gamble. Slots especially, are very open about their RTP (return to player rate). The casino game is rigged for you to lose money over a long period of time, but that doesn’t mean that you will lose money. This is the system slots which worked on for many years. One of such web place I encountered and a recommended place is

Gambling is addiction: The idea to being addicted to gambling is the same way a person gets hooked on a drug. Research shows that compulsive gamblers and drug addicts share several of identical genetic. But in fact real world gambling is more additive than online gambling. The worst thing people do with real world gambler who are being addicted is to push them back again into the shadows of black market which does not happen with online gamblers.

posted Jan 25, 2017 by Tapesh Kulkarni

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Gambling has become one of the most popular and moneymaking businesses present on the internet. Playing on online gambling websites is a common activity for teenagers and young adults. In 2013 survey by SuperData Research found that 57% of online gamblers in the United States are female, and online gamblers tend to be young, with well over 40% ranging in age from 21-34. Online Gambling is not just a game for those who play in regular time. They feel accomplished when they win a lottery or any certain amount of money or awards from the game. In fact 3% of the population struggles with pathological gambling. One in five online gamblers may be pathological gamblers; approximately 4% of teenagers have a gambling problem.

An online gambling industry consists of Lotteries, Betting, Slot Machines, online Poker rooms, online Casinos, online bingo, and other games. These all games makes huge amount of money profits and have large budgets for advertising. Every year, more people go online in search for entertainment; they read these online gambling games on their device where they are browsing. Online Gambling is no exception and is just another activity that no longer requires a trip outside one's home. Online gambling websites offer visual interfaces that may be especially appealing to adult players and / or those who enjoy video games. Teenage players who are restricted because of their age limit in casino can lie about their ages and easily access online gambling websites. There are now 1000 of internet gambling websites and new online gambling businesses appear every day.

Let me give you some facts of some online Gambling games

  1. Microgaming was the first to release the very first genuine online casino in 1994.
  2. The first internet Bingo site went online in 1998. 
  3. The first online poker site is Planet Poker which also started in 1998.
  4. In UK, France, Italy, Spain, Denmark, the Isle of Man, Australia, Malta, Gibraltar countries have a fully regulated online gambling system in place.
  5. The average wager turned out to be $83, with one gambler placing a $16,880 bet. By most, a total of 23 days were spent gambling, though some gambled for a total of over 300 days.
  6. Online gambling industry is high competitive and Unfraud offers tailored solutions for every company.

3 Most popular Online Gambling Games

Online Poker

Poker is one of the popular online casino games, which possess a high range of attraction. There are different sites in the web world that offer best poker games.

Some popular types of poker games are as follows:-

  • Straight Poker
  • Stud poker
  • Draw poker
  • Flop poker

Online Casino

Online Gambling could now be really interesting compared to the real gambling. You don’t have to go to casinos and spend your time and money in there. You can sit and play the casino games anytime, anywhere you may be. This is why people are attracted to these new innovations. You will be fascinated by knowing that the top 20% of online casinos probably make 80% of the profits. I’ve heard from reliable sources that the average online casino gambler is worth at least $1000.

Type of Online Casino

  • Web-based online casinos
  • Download-based online casinos
  • Virtual casino games
  • Live dealer casino games

Online Bingo

Every bingo and bingo-style game across the world shares the same rules. The basic premise of all bingo games, including online bingo, revolves around matching the numbers on a card with those called by the game. This simple format and easy-to-understand game play makes for a simple, fun and exciting game, no matter where you play!

Some Popular Bingo Games are as follows

  • 75 ball in online bingo
  • 75 ball variant
  • 90 Ball in online bingo

online bingo



Blackjack is by far one of the most lucrative casino offerings, keeping in mind the odds and certain house edges. Moreover, it is one of the easiest games to comprehend and master, owing to the relatively stable learning curve. One does not need to understand complex mathematical equations or numbers, nor spend eons trying to figure out the next best move. No matter how reviewers at 10Cric casino comment when it comes to certain complexities of blackjack, there are a few roundabouts one can learn or understand to make the most out of their blackjack experience. The following are a few tips and tricks one can use if one is planning to start their journey in the arduous road of blackjack. Essentially, these tips are not particularly technical, but some may hover on logical, or philosophical ones too. Either way, here are a few tips for blackjack beginners.

Begin Low

High risks might yield high rewards, but it is important to understand the need to delay gratification at the table if one wants to make the most out of generating currency. One needs to understand the behavioral patterns of the house and dealer alike and make a note of how the streak patterns are working. Here, it also becomes important to not be succumbed by the dealer and what the dealer claims to possess.


Basics—Make it Count

The basic idea of blackjack, no matter how much one would disagree, is to keep the house value as low as possible. Ideally, one is expected to keep it lower than 1%, if not lower. Here, it also becomes important to understand that liberal playing tables are far better off than the average competitive ones with a 6 to 5 rate of playoff. As much as one would want to be like Bond at the poker table, it is important to understand the importance of low playoff values and exponentially lower house edges when one is still a novice when it comes to blackjack.

Keep Any Sense of Team-playing at Bay

As much as some blackjack ‘gurus’ might suggest to have a fair share of connection with a fellow player or two at the table, it is important to understand that blackjack is not a team game, and casino games in  general demand the toughest of players to be bereft of any emotion of sense of team-playing. How much money one’s fellow players make at the table should not be one’s concern—making more than them should be. Avoid team-playing at all costs.

The Only Place Where Insurance is Folly

Even if one is on a disastrous losing streak, one should never conform to the idea of an insurance card, no matter how grave the level of desperation is. Blackjack experts have strictly prohibited the use of the insurance card, insomuch that using it as a last resort should be avoided. Statisticians have stated that an insurance card only provides a 6% leverage on the table, thereby making it one of the least effective moves in blackjack.

Easy on the Bottle

This might be a fairly invalid point for the ones playing online blackjack from their basement (unless one is going hard on that chardonnay), but one is expected to stay away from the booze and solely focus on each hand. Despite the fact that most casinos offer free alcohol, one needs to refrain from giving into the idea. You might be provided the grandest whisky of them all, but you are expected to avoid allowing your neural networks from misfiring due to a careless escapade of extreme inebriation. After all, nothing is more important than the task at hand (pun intended).

Quitting is Quintessential

As contradictory as it sounds, it is important to understand when to call it quits and take home the decent amount one has generated, and in the worst-case scenario, to take back whatever losses one has incurred. One needs to understand that a certain chemical messenger called serotonin is the root of all evils, not just greed.

Serotonin essentially makes one feel the need to make that one final call, or throw in one final wager, or go all-in one last time—it is mostly a hormone that leads to futile results, and ultimately disrupts one’s peace of mind and psychological balance. As much as one would want to make another call because one has a winning streak, it becomes important to call it quits. Sometimes, leaving might just be the right option for the long run.


In Conclusion

Blackjack can be as fun, entertaining as it can be challenging. One can manage to bag a great deal of currency back home if the aforementioned rules, but it is important to understand that under no circumstances should one play or invest beyond one’s means. Enjoy, but enjoy responsibly.