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What is the difference between "IMPOSSIBLE" and "REALLY HARD"?

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What is the difference between "IMPOSSIBLE" and "REALLY HARD"?
posted Sep 25, 2015 by Christina Hawkins

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1 Answer

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“Take the survival tale of Swedish adventurer Göran Kropp.

  • **In October 1995,
  • he left Stockholm, Sweden, on a bicycle and rode it to the base of Mount Everest, arriving there in April 1996.
  • He climbed Everest, reaching the summit with no oxygen mask and no help from Sherpas.
  • He descended the mountain and eventually pedaled back to Sweden.**

If someone invited you to undertake such a wild adventure, you might say: “That’s impossible!” or “You’re crazy!”

  • As it turns out, it’s not impossible.
  • It’s hard — really hard — but doable under the right circumstances.

The cliché is true: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Seemingly unsurmountable challenges confronting your business, sports, health and fitness, and relationships are far more manageable than you might imagine.”

~ Joe De Sena from Spartan Up!

answer Sep 25, 2015 by anonymous