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Which careers will most likely trend post COVID-19?

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The last couple of months were dark, the coronavirus has had a huge impact on our lives and is still ongoing. 

However, there is a bigger picture ahead of us: the world post-COVID-19. We witnessed the shut-down of several industries, and unemployment has hit the peak. A bigger challenge would be for the fresh students who had their careers planned. Their lives had been most affected by this global standstill.

The smartest move for the youngsters would be reconsidering their career choices and focusing on careers that stand a chance.

Change post-COVID-19 is inevitable, and it is wise to be prepared. Here are some careers we believe will be much in demand, standing apart from the rest.... 

  1. Healthcare

We all know how healthcare personals sacrificed their personal lives to work day and night for the affected. Even when all this is over, doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and all medical professions would be promising careers; careers of high-esteem.

And the industries involved in manufacturing medicines and healthcare equipment are expected to see advancements. Careers like Immunology, Virology will see progress as well.


  1. Research

When the world was wondering about the roots of the pandemic, research went ahead and took the lead. No doctors or medicine can save humanity without the right research. Thus, it is expected, research-based careers will see its growth post the pandemic.


  1. Media

While being locked at homes, mass media professionals provided us with all relevant pieces of information. We received all the necessary updates through magazines, newspapers, television reporters, journalists who worked at the front line as well. Post COVID-19 is going to mark a new era of Journalism and mass-communication.


  1. Digital Transactions

The no-contact solution is still existent and is necessary to curtail the further spread. However, bills need to be paid, essentials are to be shopped. The past months saw a remarkable increase in digital transactions to keep up with the social distancing policies. Even the government is encouraging people to go digital. Thus, the digital transaction domain will witness an increased number of employments.


  1. Content creation

Something that constantly prevailed, and kept the common people occupied was content. While most businesses ceased their functionalities during the complete lock down, they kept providing relevant content to survive the wave. Marketing, IT, all kinds of big to small businesses used content to kept their brands alive during these times. Content creation is a platform for creative minds, with an ability to cause an impact virtually.


  1. Cloud Computing

During the strict lock down days, most businesses survived because of successful cloud computing. And this will be a convenient option post the pandemic for scaling businesses. Even esteemed organizations like Microsoft and Google are working to devise their Cloud Computing Networks. Hence, it can be concluded that cloud computing is going to breakthrough into further domains.


No matter how the global situation stands, education cannot stop, must not stop. The COVID-19 pandemic only nudged our minds into rethinking our career plans. You might be thinking whether you can fit into any of these careers. As academic experts, we recommend you take an online career aptitude test to know your abilities. Now is the right time to be pragmatic about one’s career.   

posted Jul 24, 2020 by Payal Jk

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