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Celebrity Names That You Have Been Pronouncing Wrong Your Entire Life.

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How do you feel when someone pronounces your name wrong? Either we just ignore it or feel very offended. It is with everyone and nobody would like to hear the wrong pronunciation of their names. Today we will be presenting you the correct pronunciation of celeb names that we all have been pronouncing wrong our entire life. Yes, you heard it right. There are so many celebrities with common names but their pronunciation is a little bit tricky. Before we start showing you the names, can you guess a few names that you think might be on this list? Take your time and guess. Let’s see how smart you are 

Here are 15 celebrity names that we have been pronouncing wrong this whole time. Let’s take a look!

1. Ariana Grande

How we pronounce: R-ee-ana Gran-day
Correct Pronunciation: R-ee-ana Grahn-dee


2. Chrissy Teigen

How we pronounce her last name: Tee-gen
Correct Pronunciation: TIE-gen


3. Charlize Theron

How we pronounce: Char-leez Te-ey-ron
Correct Pronunciation: Shar-leez Thair-en

4. Jacob Tremblay

How we pronounce: Jay-cob Trem-blay

Correct Pronunciation: Jay-cob Trahm-blay

5. Cara Delevingne

How we pronounce: Care-a Del-avine

Correct Pronunciation:Care-a Del-a-veen

6. Anneliese van der Pol

How we pronounce: An-a-leese van-der-Pole

Correct Pronunciation: Ahn-a-lee-sa van-der-Pole


7. Niall Horan

How we pronounce: Neal Hore-anne

Correct Pronunciation: Nye-ull Hore-in


8. Zendaya

How we pronounce: Zen-die-a

Correct Pronunciation: Zen-day-a


9. Rowan Blanchard

How we pronounce: R-oww-an Blan-chard

Correct Pronunciation: Row-in Blan-cherd

10. Avan Jogia

How we pronounce: A-vahn Joe-gee-a

Correct Pronunciation: Aaah-van Joe-gee-a

11. Amanda Seyfried

How we pronounce: Amanda See-freed or Amansa Say-fry-d

Correct Pronunciation: Amanda Sigh-frid


12. Alessia Cara

How we pronounce: Ah-lee-sha Car-a

Correct Pronunciation: A-less-ee-uh Car-a


13. Quvenzhané Wallis

How we pronounce: Ah-lee-sha Car-a

Correct Pronunciation: A-less-ee-uh Car-a

14. Henry cavil

How we pronounce: Hen-ree Cay-vill

Correct Pronunciation: Hen-ree Cav-ill


15. Rihanna

How we pronounce: Ri-ha-na

Correct Pronunciation: Ri-anne-uh

posted Jul 6, 2019 by Abu Anam

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In the scene, the tablet which Ryan Gosling was using is actually a plate holder from the cameras of the 1920s.

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In this scene, you can see a man standing behind who was not supposed to be there. On realising it he slowly walked out of the frame.

6. Moana (2016)

I am sure these movie facts you would not have noticed if we wouldn’t have pointed out for you. In one of the scenes of Moana they layout of carpet which has the exact same embroidery as that of Aladdin’s.

7. Coco (2017)

When Miguel was preparing to visit the world of the dead, there was a poster of The Incredibles and they are also in their skeletal form.

8. Frozen (2013)


When Kristoff was holding up Anna, his thumb gets dissolved in her dress. It was a mistake during editing.

9. Jurassic World (2015)

The merchandise in the background has a T-rex saying “I am back”. Some movie facts are too discrete.

10. Spiderman (2002)

We all remember the epic scene where Peter Parker uses his powers for the first time in the school cafeteria. To make this scene look real the director wanted him to do the stunt on his own. It took him 156 takes to get that right.

11. The Godfather (1972)

Before the death of a character, many oranges were shown in the scene, signifying oranges as the sign of death. Movie facts are important to predict the plot.

12. Wonder Woman (2017)

After the release of the trailer twitteraties backlashed the filmmakers for editing Gal Gadots underarms to make it look fairer and smoother. They also wondered if the makers asked her go for laser hair removal.


From no one important to Bollywood's most popular singer today, Arijit Singh won a large number of hearts overnight with the arrival of the music collection of 'Aashiqui 2'. What's more, there has been no thinking back from that point onward. The more you say in regards to this current man's adaptability, the less it is. Regardless of whether you listen in to Bollywood songs, here are 12 songs by Arijit Singh that you must have in your playlist one for each state of mind!

1. Tum Hi Ho (Aashiqui 2)

Better believe it, we know you've had enough of this chartbuster. Be that as it may, we're discussing the one he sung at MTV Unplugged. This rendition is such a great amount of superior to the first. Wouldn't you agree?

2. Muskurane Ki Wajah/Jiya Jaye Na (City Lights)

This one will undoubtedly develop on you.

3. Kabira - Encore (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

We wager this current one's as of now on your playlist.

4. Samjhawan (Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania)

Who might have thought there could be an artist who could even approach a legend like Rahet Fateh Ali Khan? But Arijit Singh not just catches the pith of the song impeccably well, he even gave it his own one of a kind touch.

5. Chadariya / Judaai (Badlapur)

When you listen in to this pearl, you won't have the capacity to get it out of your head!

6. Phir Le Aaya Dil Reprise (Barfi)

Soul wrenchingly impactful, this one.

7. Kabhi Jo Badal Barse (Jackpot)

You'd be amazed to know this current one's from a shabby Sunny Leone film called 'Jackpot'. That is the energy of Arijit Singh, he can implant soul and significance into anything, actually with simply his voice.

8. Dilliwali Girlfriend (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

Let it out, this song has officially made every one of your gatherings super fun!

9. Suno Na Sangemarmar (Youngistaan)

The lyrics may make you recoil a bit, however Arijit Singh's voice more than compensates for it!

10. Khamoshiyan (Khamoshiyan)

This one has as of now turn into a wrath everywhere throughout the radio.

11. Dua (Shanghai)

This one will pull at your heart.

12. Agar Tum Saath Ho (Tamasha)

In the event that you've at any point had your heart broke, this one will pull at your heart strings.


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1. Moh Moh Ke Dhaage 

This number from 'Dum Laga Ke Haisha' is the most excellent go up against hesitant love.

2. Khumaar 

Papon getting it done. That's all anyone needs to know.

3. Kyon 

With Neelesh Mishra's verses and vocals by Papon and Sunidhi Chauhan, this tune packs more expectation than the best of motivational books.

4. Kaun Mera 

The song to listen to when the times get difficult and you require some genuine soul-seeking.

5. Maula Sun Le Re

A deep melody from 'Madras Café', formed by Shantanu Moitra and composed by Ali Hayat, and sung by Papon. One of those tunes that stay with you for long and give you quality at whatever point required.

6. Baisera Beera

7. Benaam Khwaishein

Made by Papon, this one is a stunning number. In spite of the fact that it has a place more with Anweshaa, Papon's music is hypnotizing here.

8. Khud Se

The alleviating voice of Papon has loaned a specific smoothness to this lovely melody from 'Madras Café'.

9. Barish Ki Boondein

For a wonderful rainy evening.

10. Jiya Baitha Ja

For every one of the circumstances you've gotten your heart broken and the pieces undermine to go into disrepair once more.

11. Khamma Ghani

An impact of Rajasthani old stories for you.

12. Main Tujhse Pyar Nahi Karta


Game of Thrones is many of us favorite shows. This show has many followers. There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes of the series. It took many years to conclude the series. People in the series have grown up. Many hours are spent to shoot a single episode of the show. For instance, Battle of Winterfell in the 8th season of Game of Thrones took 55 nights to shoot. Behind the scenes, there are small mistakes are also done. Directing these many people without flawlessly is impossible. Common and silly mistakes may happen behind the scenes. Fans of GOT may binge the show with sleepless nights. We watched each an episode of the show and made the list of the bloopers which are overlooked by the creators of the show. Have a glance at the silly mistakes made by the team.

1.  You can see the Starbucks coffee on Daenerys Targaryen  on the table


2.  Valyrian steel is a rubber sword which is very lite


3. You can see one of the Cersei’s guards are having a tough time with the sword


4. Can you see a  coffee cup with Jaime Lannister during the wedding of his niece?.


5. A winter coat on Sam Tarley, the  brother of The Night’s Watch


6. What will a laptop charger along with Stannis Baratheon on the battlefield does?.


7. As per the episodes, Melisandre becomes an older adult when she takes off the necklace but she was young without the necklace in one of the scenes



8. The little finger of Theon Greyjoy’s can grow back in the next scene.


9. Slave soldiers of the Unsullied army are supposed to be unmarried but you can see a married man with a ring to his finger among the group


10. Modern water supply system in the ancient city

Do let me know which blooper makes you feel silly in the comment section. If you like the article then share with your family and friends.