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These Disney World Secrets Make This Place More Magical

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Disney World is a favourite destination among children. We have a lot of magical things to look forward to when we visit there. But there are also secrets which you would not figure out just while walking through the park. When we tell you that you will be amazed to know.

1. The camel who spits is actually a man inside

The big camel outside Aladdin’s Magic Carpet is actually operated by a man aims to hit at the clueless visitors.

2. There are Smellitizers placed all throughout the park

This is a device which emits delicious scents such as of cookies and vanillas.

3. Tom Sawyer’s Island has hidden paint brushes

If you can find even one and show it to the park employees, they will give you and your family free passes to one ride.

4. A suite in Cinderella’s Castle

Although you cannot to book it, you can only enjoy a stay if you win a contest.

5. The secret menu at Be Our Guest restaurant

Ask for ‘The Grey Stuff’, which is in reference to the song Be Our Guest, and they will hand you over the secret menu with delicious items.

6. The Seas Aquarium is the second largest aquarium in the US

It is in Epcot and contains 5.7 gallons of water.

7. The secret tunnel under the Magic Kingdom

This secret tunnel is used by the cast members and other employees to avoid the rush.

8. Find out the hidden Mickeys

You will see thousands of Mickeys all across the parks and resorts of Disney World.

9. They don’t sell gums

People chew and throw gums here and there which might get stuck into visitor’s shoes or rides.

10. Tombstone of Mr Toad

You know that Mr Toad’s Wild Ride is closed now. After that, the Tombstone is placed in the graveyard located at The Haunted Mansion.

11. The plane in the Casablanca

The plane that you see in Casablanca part in the Great Movie Ride is the same one as the crashed plane which is in the Jungle Cruise Ride. Casablanca just has the front part of the aeroplane.

12. Fantasmic attraction

The lake in which this takes place is only about one foot deep. Disney World is full of surprises.

posted Jun 28, 2019 by Abu Anam

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