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Jason Momoa Is Ready To Be Marvel’s Next Wolverine!

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X-Men’s universe ended with the release of Dark Pheonix a few days back and now finally the biggest running superhero movie saga of all time has ended. The most loved character of the movie was obviously Wolverine played by Hugh Jackman so perfectly that it was fan-favorite X-Men. Wolverine itself got 2 movies just to himself and others were just him solving the biggest problem. Now, since Disney purchased Fox and all the X-Men characters are in their grabs alongside Marvel as well something big might come up in the future and it could definitely involve a Wolverine character. And actors are revealing that they want to play the next Wolverine, the latest one being Jason Momoa itself!

X-Men franchise ended and might reboot in future.

The franchise was a successful one and bought the superhero movie era to us after all.

Hugh Jackman quit as Wolverine after ‘Logan’ in 2017.

After successfully acting in movies and making the character so perfect, the story of Wolverine finally came to an end and Hugh Jackman retired as the character.

At Celebrity Fan Fast, Jason Momoa was asked the big question.

He was asked if he would play a role in Marvel, what would it be?

Characters of Marvel and DC are often asked these questions.

People just love asking their favorite actors if they would like to play their favorite superhero or character and the answers are always satisfying.

And guess what Momoa replied?

He said if he were to play any role in the MCU, it would be Wolverine!

And that would be just so amazing!

We all know he has the build and the heart for it, he has acted like Wolverine so many times already.

He’s no a Canadian though.

The basic requirement of the character is being someone that matches the profile but we know Momoa can pull it off.

I think he would be just so amazing!

These fan arts just make this, even more, expecting as with an actor who has expertise in vicious roles Wolverine could get a hell lot more bloody than it already was.

But, there’s a catch, he’s Aquaman for DC movies.

Well, until Aquaman is on screen and he plays, DC won’t let him play anything in Marvel, but that’s for the future, he’s just spoken if he would like to play it or not.

We have an equally amazing character in mind for Wolverine.

Well, the internet’s favorite person, Keanu Reeves has also spoken up that he would love to play Wolverine and, we always have him as the guy who even matches Hugh’s looks so no worries. The race for Wolverine just gets better.

posted Jun 22, 2019 by anonymous

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