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Game Of Thrones Cast Ordered From Smallest To Tallest And The Results Are Surprising

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Game Of Thrones has ended and now there’s not much we can do with the show’s storyline, isn’t it? But the show was amazing and we don’t want to forget it and so let’s just keep it alive in our minds by doing small stuff that makes it look like the amazing show is still running inside our hearts. People have come to many conclusions about the show since it ended and so have we. We ordered the main cast of the show according to their heights and realized what screenplay and CGI could do to our eyes, the results were somewhat different from what was expected.

Below is the Game Of Thrones Cast ordered from smallest to tallest:

1. Peter Dinklage.

Not the most surprising one, I know. Tyrion Lannister has a height of 4’5 and we all know he that’s because he suffers from dwarfism, but that was the only reason he was Tyrion, right?

2. Maisie Williams.

We saw Maisie grow in front of us in the entire time the show ran and she’s 5’1″.

3. Emilia Clarke.

Mother of Dragons and the hero turned supervillain has a height of 5’2″. Danerys is the 3rd shortest and well, burned the kings landing with her dragon, of course, that’s a statement.

4. Lena Headey.

5’5″ is the height of villain queen Cersei Lannister. I somehow expected her to be taller from her casting in the show but, that’s what it is.

5. Jack Gleeson.

Joffery stood 5’7″ and his height definitely didn’t come from the Baratheon house as we all know already. The actor played his role so perfectly that some people even hate him in real life for being such an a$$hole as Joffery.

6. Kit Harington.

The heir to everything and the possessor of nothing stands 5’8″. Jon did everything in the show and never received a prize worth his effort. He’s 6 inches taller than his aunt-cum-lover-cum-victim.

7. Sophie Turner.

Sophie Turner can be seen as Dark Pheonix in the last movie from the X-Men franchise and stands tall at 5’9”. She was also nearly a kid when the show began and that’s where she landed.

8. Conleth Hill.

In case you weren’t able to recognize who this man is, and how you haven’t seen this character in Game Of Thrones, it’s the master of whispers and the hand… well nevermind its Varys. That’s how he looks with hair. He’s 5’9″ and yet always looked smaller than Jon on the show.

9. Aidan Gillen.

Peter Baelish is 5’10” and definitely taller than most of our expectations, but well, Arya who’s 5’1″ cut his throat.

10. Isaac Hempstead Wright.

So, the king of the 6 kingdoms and the three-eyed raven is 5’11” and cannot stand on the entire show except for the first episode, guess sitting down all the time really helped Bran’s height.

11. Kristofer Hivju.

Tormund Giantsbane, although couldn’t land his hands on The Big Lady, is 6’0″ tall.

12. Nikolaj Coster-Waldou.

Cersei’s other brother cum lover has a height of 6’2″ which definitely suits the character of Jamie Lannister and his journey from being the big bad to soft good.

13. Gwendoline Christie.

Brienne of Tarth or as Tormund liked to call her, The Big Lady is 6’35” and as you can clearly see taller than Ser Jamie.

14. Rory McCann.

The big characters of the show have started and the first one is Sandor Clegane who’s 6’6″ tall.

15. Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.

Gregor Clegane, brother of Sandor Clegane stands 6’9″ tall. He’s definitely scary as hell in his last episode when he came out of that mask and the brothers kill each other.

16. Kristian Nairn.

So, Hodor was bigger than The Mountain all along, huh! He’s 7’0” and that makes him the tallest actor of the show. It’s sad we couldn’t see more of him when he died protecting Bran in season 6.

posted Jun 10 by Jay Yadav

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Game of Thrones is many of us favorite shows. This show has many followers. There is a lot of hard work behind the scenes of the series. It took many years to conclude the series. People in the series have grown up. Many hours are spent to shoot a single episode of the show. For instance, Battle of Winterfell in the 8th season of Game of Thrones took 55 nights to shoot. Behind the scenes, there are small mistakes are also done. Directing these many people without flawlessly is impossible. Common and silly mistakes may happen behind the scenes. Fans of GOT may binge the show with sleepless nights. We watched each an episode of the show and made the list of the bloopers which are overlooked by the creators of the show. Have a glance at the silly mistakes made by the team.

1.  You can see the Starbucks coffee on Daenerys Targaryen  on the table


2.  Valyrian steel is a rubber sword which is very lite


3. You can see one of the Cersei’s guards are having a tough time with the sword


4. Can you see a  coffee cup with Jaime Lannister during the wedding of his niece?.


5. A winter coat on Sam Tarley, the  brother of The Night’s Watch


6. What will a laptop charger along with Stannis Baratheon on the battlefield does?.


7. As per the episodes, Melisandre becomes an older adult when she takes off the necklace but she was young without the necklace in one of the scenes



8. The little finger of Theon Greyjoy’s can grow back in the next scene.


9. Slave soldiers of the Unsullied army are supposed to be unmarried but you can see a married man with a ring to his finger among the group


10. Modern water supply system in the ancient city

Do let me know which blooper makes you feel silly in the comment section. If you like the article then share with your family and friends.


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