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Why Ashutosh Gowariker blasted Sajid Khan at award show?

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Why Ashutosh Gowariker blasted Sajid Khan at award show?
posted Jun 4, 2019 by Jay Yadav

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1 Answer

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In 2009, Sajid Khan was the host of an award show. During the awards night, he made fun of Harman Baweja's "non-existent acting skills" which triggered a reaction from Ashutosh Gowariker. Back then, Ashutosh was working with Harman Baweja in What's Your Rashee?
When Ashutosh was called on stage to recieve an award for Best Film for Jodhaa Akbar, he couldn't help but lash out at Sajid for his remarks.
Ashutosh Gowariker said, "I don't like one thing that film industry is made fun of at such award nights. I feel it ridicules the award itself. On one side, I am feeling very happy that I received an award for the best film. But I don't think the demeanour of the award night has been at a good standard. No offence Sajid and Farah [Khan]. Personal remarks can also be made by me. Fun can be made even by me."
To which Sajid replied, "You should go ahead, Ashu." Ashutosh Gowariker replied, "No, Sajid. There is a difference."

answer Jun 5, 2019 by Ati Kumar