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Despite Severe Backlash, 'GOT' Series Finale Broke Streaming Records With 19.3 Million Viewers

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'Game of Thrones' series finale aired yesterday, and well, it got a lot of mixed reactions from viewers across the globe. But despite the backlash, the final episode of the series titled, “The Iron Throne,” melted its previous viewership record.

The final episode broke all the viewership records by drawing 19.3 million viewers across HBO's platforms, overtaking the previous series high of 18.4 million viewers set by the previous episode.

The final episode of the series has been receiving a lot of flak on the internet. Fans across the globe think that the showrunners 'rushed' to finish the series. Heck, people have been signed a petition asking the producers to remake the final season with better writers.

Despite all the backlash, almost all episodes of the final series had record-breaking numbers when it comes to the viewership. The first episode drew over 17 million viewers. The number dipped a little for the second episode as it drew 15.9 million viewers. Since then, all the episodes have had over 17 million people watching the show across all HBO's platforms.

Here's a quick look at the viewership numbers for the season 8- 

Episode 1/ Season premiere: 17.4 million

Episode 2: 15.9 million

Episode 3: 17.8 million

Episode 4: 17.2 million

Episode 5: 18.4 million 

Episode 6/ Series finale: 19.3 million

posted May 28, 2019 by anonymous

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Do you feel like absolute sh** when your favourite character from 'Game of Thrones' dies? It's legit to feel absolutely down in the dumps because you form a dynamic with each character and when they die, it's hard to process that because they make a significant mark in your life. That's what 'GOT' has been doing to people across the board and you can spend hours talking about how and why someone dies but still not find any respite whatsoever.

'Game of Thrones' has grown over us slowly and steadily, over the last 8 years and we're slowly realising the end is near and we will have to let go every aspect of it soon. Of course, the memories from the show will stay but it's almost like we need a constant support group to let them all go and someone's made a worthy effort to make sure we have a proper grievance platform for our favourite show. And guess what, there is one!

Star World has been renowned as the channel that is home to all things 'Game of Thrones' and now, with the final season of the show coming to an end, it has upped the game again by finding a solution to our woes. Monday mornings have never been the same as each episode of the show takes us closer to its inevitable end. In order to engage with fans across the country and help them navigate through all the burns of the season, their many frustrations and melancholy, Star World has now opened up a #GOTHelpline - A first-of-its-kind engagement activity, for all 'Game of Thrones' Fans.

Based on the 5 stages of grief. i.e, denial, anger, withdrawals, depression and acceptance, the helpline will guide and support GOT fans through the many emotions they are feeling during each of the remaining episodes.

All viewers need to do is give a missed call on 1800 313 6311 to get access to the #GOTHelpline. Whether they are in denial over the show coming to an end, or their anger burns with fiery rage towards the incidents on the show, or they are looking for a distraction, the #GOTHelpline is there to help.

Through witty repartee, biting sarcasm and some of the most memorable moments and quotes from 'Game of Thrones', the helpline will help ease the anguish– whether it is the moment of disappointment when Jon leaves his beloved direwolf Ghost, to Tormund or the anger of Cersei's most recent betrayal when she didn't send her armies to Winterfell like she promised or even when Arya Stark takes the opportunity away from Jon Snow while becoming the AzorAhai.

Through a special functionality made available for fans, they can even theorise and pay their respects to the show and its many characters over the #GoTHelpline.

Now, with seven seasons of drama wrapped neatly under its belt and only one more episode to wrap everything up, things are going to move fast in the 'Game of Thrones' cosmos. Even then, there is no need to worry. Just dial the hotline number 1800 313 6311 and let the raven carry your sorrows to Westeros!


Isn't this just the perfect light at the end of a dark tunnel? A helpline to get us through the end? Well, after episode 5 of season 8, we would certainly need some part of this IVR helpline. With a week left for the series to roll out its finale, it's going to be an emotional rollercoaster and we terribly hope this helpline can really help.