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Photos Which Reveal The Truth Behind How Movies Are Actually Made

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Not everything you see in the movies is real. The characters, the makeup and sometimes even the sets are fake. Well, it is not always possible to go in the proper location to shoot. So directors and artists play tricks to make a situation look real and breath-taking.

1. Pirates of the Caribbean

The sea you see in the whole movie is not even a sea. The movie was shot in the studio and then edited.

2. Westworld

You might have already guessed that it was not a real tiger. But did you know that a human being played the role of the tiger?

3. Baby Driver

Actually, there was a driver on the roof of the car who was driving it.

4. Downsizing

how movies are made

To make the character look little, the props on the sets were made giant.

5. Captain America

how movies are made

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In most of the movies, the fighting sequences are done in a similar manner. The enemies are tied to a rope so that they can fly when given a punch.

6. Mission Impossible – Fallout

how movies are made

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Tom Cruise likes to perform the stunts of the movie on his own.

7. Spider-Man: Homecoming

how movies are made

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This is how Tom Holland jumps from buildings and still stands on his feet.

8. Doctor Strange

how movies are made

Remember this scene when Benedict Cumberbatch’s hero had to travel through a portal in the hospital? This is how the scene was shot.

9. Superman

how movies are made

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Every time he has decided to take off in the middle of something, this is how it looks.

10. Lo Impossible

how movies are made


Whenever water or tsunami is shown to be destroying houses in the movies, they set up some fake houses.

11. The Matrix

how movies are made

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Everyone remembers this iconic scene from The Matrix. The whole scene was shot with green screens all around.

12. Captain America: Civil War

how movies are made

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Your favourite Chris Evans who plays Steve Rogers in the movie had to do a stunt where he was trying to get hold of the helicopter. Doesn’t everything look so fake now?

posted May 24, 2019 by Ati Kumar

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While watching a T.V show, we will fell that the show is so real to believe. Some times, we will get emotional connections with the show. But, they are scripted.

Below are some of the T.V reality shows which are not real.

Man Vs. Wild

Bear Grylls who leads this show and eats insects and all the stuff. But in off-screen, their staff packs the food for him. Before, he jumps into anything his staff checks the depth and then only he will move forward.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire

The team helps the people for the auditions and also after completion of the episode they make them sign different papers too.

The Voice

A participant of the show published that he got rejected during the audition because the team didn’t allow him to sing his song. Instead, they wanted him to sing the song of their own choice.

The Bachelor

Most of the participants in this show are bloggers and models.


Before voting the team manipulate them with suggestions or imaginations and so the show moves on.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Scriptwriters made it so real that the audience believes that there is a fight between the sister in this reality show. This reality of show has a lot of drama involved.

Hell’s Kitchen

They divided participants into two groups, and they are competing with each other and supervised by Gordon Ramsay. He screams and criticizes everyone, and the surprise element is when they switched the ingredients.

Vanderpump Rules

In one of the episodes, a fan noticed that participant Kristen Doute was shown intermittently with and without her necklace during a scene.

Judge Judy

The participants of the show receive compensations for participating in the show which is decided before filming the show.

Naked And Afraid

The former contestant has revealed that this reality show is not as real as they show. The contestants will get all the amenities that are required by the production crew.

What’s your favorite current reality show? Comment and let us know!!.