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Does Big Boss 10 will give the opportunity to the common people ? If yes, how a common man can...

0 votes

Does Big Boss 10 will give the opportunity to the common people? How a common man can apply for the Salman Khan show? Please share the details

posted Apr 6, 2016 by Vijay

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1 Answer

+1 vote

Yes!!! The upcoming season of "Bigg Boss" will open its gates to the public as contestants, who will participate in the 10th edition of the reality show along with celebrities.

To participate in the Bigg Boss Season10, fill out the registration form online! Fill and submit the form. People can enrol via SMS and for which they have to type BB space and send it to 56882. The selection process is computerized and the lucky ones will be reverted.
You need to do is log on to and fill out the necessary details.

answer Apr 12, 2016 by John Smith
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