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Funny And Epic Hollywood Movie Mistakes That Will Make Your Day

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People who genuinely love movies know how to pick out mistakes in them. Mostly, the sharp-eyed observers do this and all these mistakes completely make sense. It is true that not many people might have noticed these and that is why we have brought you a list of the most epic hollywood movie mistakes that you probably never noticed:

1. Twilight

This is actually a common mistake made by many directors. The camera is completely visible on the car window as a result of reflection.

2. Inglorious Basterds

This is actually a continuity error where the insignia in the chest of the German officer disappears in a scene and then comes back in the next one.

3. Avatar

The wheelchair was not present when he opened the capsule. Where did come from?

4. Terminator 2

A few moments after his coat was destroyed by bullets, it looked absolutely new.

5. The Avengers

It’s a miracle that the bumper of the car restored automatically. This is one of the most unnoticed mistakes of all time.

6. Titanic

The complete appearance of the deck has changed. Does that mean there were two different Titanics?

7. Pirates Of The Caribbean

Well, we can all assume that there was one pirate in Jack Sparrow’s gang who loved fashion from the modern day. He must have seen the future.

8. Terminator 3

The number on the plane kept changing. While flying, the number was N3973F but when they landed, the number changed to N3035C.

9. Pirates Of The Caribbean

This is the second time that the movie is in the list. Being a Jack Sparrow fan, you must have noticed the Adidas tag on the head gear of captain. Brand placement, on point.

10. Gladiator

Gladiator is a movie about the ancient Romans. This was that time when they used to have gas canisters in their chariots. This is why it is very shocking to see an aeroplane fly in the sky in those times.

posted Apr 29, 2019 by Abu Anam

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Unconventional looks, no godfather in Bollywood and no story of exponential rise in the industry! It’s Irrfan Khan, the actor, the person and the global Indian. The guy made a name for himself from the ground up, brick by brick. Ask his fans and they would almost certainly try convincing you that in terms of acting talent, this guy is all other Bollywood Khans put together. Perhaps! He certainly is one of The Best actors in the industry. No doubts about that.

Let's take a look at 12 Interesting and unknown facts about Irrfan Khan that will make you admire the actor even more:

1. He became an actor by chance. He wanted to be a cricketer. Parents disapproved of it. As if by stroke of luck, he got a scholarship to attend NSD (National School of Drama). He was pursuing MA in Jaipur at that time. And he lied about having past theater experience to get in. By all means, it was a ‘good lie.’ We only have a handful of real artists like him in Bollywood.

2. He was a final year student at NSD (1988) when Mira Nair chose him for a role in Salaam Bombay.

3. A TV regular from 1994 to 1998, Irrfan was so bored at one point in time that he thought of quitting. It is an award winning movie based on local tribes of Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh.

4. His real name – Sahabzade Irfan Ali Khan. He was born in the village of TONK in Jaipur, in a well off family with royal connections. He has two siblings and his father was a wealthy Zamindar who wanted his son to join the family tyre business. Good that he didn’t.

5. He added an extra ‘R’ to his name – hence the name IRRFAN. And it was not a numerologist who suggested this. Irrfan did it himself.

6. At 6 feet, 1 inch, Irrfan is one of the tallest actors in Bollywood.

7. LunchBox is the only Indian movie to have ever won a TFCA – Toronto Film Critics Association Award. With so much talent he sure has a long way to go.

8. He was offered a big role in Interstellar, but turned it down as he was expected to stay in USA for four months at a stretch.

9. Our home grown Irrfan Khan play the full fledged baddie in the hollywood movie The Amazing Spider-Man in 2012.

10. He has a wish – to gift his mother a suitcase full of money.

11. Julia Roberts stopped outside the Kodak Theater (where the Oscars were being staged) to compliment Irrfan on Slumdog Millionaire.

12. He reads a LOT; almost one new Hollywood script per week to better understand how to play his roles better. Irrfan did about 200 episodes of this TV serial in 1990s.


Sonu Nigam dashed into our TV screens with his first hit single Tu, which made them pine for the dazzling Bipasha Basu. After that, he went ahead to conquer Bollywood and the world with his splendid voice and gave us some exceptional hits. In any case, on the event of his birthday, we should simply do a reversal to the period when he was such a major part of the Indian pop scene and rundown down his 10 best tunes which don't have a place with films.


1) Ab Mujhe Raat Din


2) Deewana Tera


3) Tu


4) Bijuria


5) Tera Milna Pal Do Pal Ka


6) Is Kadar Pyaar Hai


7) Kuch Tum Socho Kuch Hum Sochein


8) Chanda Ki Doli Mein


9) Kaun Hai Wo Ladki


10) Mohabbat Kabhi Maine Ki To Nahi Thi


I never wanted to be the first Bruce Lee. I just wanted to be the first Jackie Chan.” Quoted the 61 years old cultural icon. Who doesn’t know him? He is a martial artist, actor, director, stuntman, producer and a singer too. Have a look at few unknown facts about the Guinness World Record Holder Jackie Chan-

1. Jackie Chan spent 12 months in his mother’s womb.

2. His parents left him when he was a child.

3. Jackie Chan has released more than 20 albums in over five languages as the lead vocalist.

4. He has a permanent plastic plug in his skull due to an accident that he survived.

5. One of his young and female fans killed herself after discovering that Chan was married.

6. He has worked as a stunt coordinator with Bruce Lee.

7. Initially, his stage name was “Become the Dragon.”

8. He is afraid of needles and public speaking.

9. Jackie Chan love pandas.

10. His son will not inherit his $130 million fortune and it will go for donation as according to him his son is capable enough to make his own money.


Recently, the movie Dishoom was released which stars John Abraham, Varun Dhawan and Jacqueline Fernandez in the lead roles. But, there were many loopholes which we think everyone might have missed in the movie.


First of all, photos in any passport are always front facing. But, here the photos shown in the passports were not front facing.


When Akshay splashed water on Varun Dhawan, they were standing closer to him (But definitely not in Water). But, you can see the distance from their clothes, how far they were standing before entering into the pool. So it's good to see that Akshay can actually splash water from that far distance so easily.


When Varun Dhawan opened the car door and it hit Jacqueline making her unconscious, her shoulder was on the white line. While in the next scene her knee was on the white line.



Just look at John's bike carefully, you will find many differences in the bike during the different shots.



In the last climax scene, when a boy shouts the name of Viraj after seeing him, he was still in ally and completely unrecognizable. Then how did he know Viraj was coming. 


All belongings of Ishika's were taken by the police when she got arrested, then how did she get her mother’s photo? 


In this scene, chains were attached to the secret door and when they came out from it, chains were nowhere.