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Where is this indian actress living now?

0 votes

This actress lives where now, I'm a big fan of the actress swaluxmi?

enter image description here

posted Jan 9, 2019 by Mohamed Jamzith

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1 Answer

+1 vote

San Francisco California, USA

Suvaluxmi born on 19 August 1977 is an Indian actress who predominantly appeared in Tamil films. She also appeared in Bengali, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada films and was active in the industry between 1994 - 2003. She married scientist Swagato Banerjee in 2002 and travelled to live in Geneva then San Francisco with her husband. After her departure from the film industry, Suvaluxmi practised as a natural artist and graduated with a degree of Masters of Fine Arts in Illustration during 2013 from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.

answer Jan 26, 2019 by Salil Agrawal