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A list of Top 10 Best YouTubers In India 2017-2018

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1. Bhuvan Bam:

Bhuvan Bam has turned into a popular Indian YouTuber due to his 18+ satire video. In this way, his youtube channel BB Ki Wines is thought to be the quickest developing direct in India. Individuals from Pakistan and India are the primary watchers of this channel. He is a 22-year-old person situated in Delhi. As his intended interest groups are regularly 18+ individuals, he rose to acclaim in a matter of moments. Bhuvan Bam is well known in youth and truly outstanding and wealthiest Indian YouTube whizzes.

2. Tanmay Bhat:

This pudgy person will be the prime supporter of the best YouTube channel "All India Bakchod". Tanmay Bhat is additionally set in the India's wealthiest tycoons. As extraordinary compared to other YouTube stand-up humorist, he picks up prominence by continually being in discussion. This well known individual stands second in the rundown of best and famous Indian YouTube whizzes because of his love towards YouTube recordings.

3. Nisha Madhulika:

She is a homemaker who has a place with Noida. Nisha Madhulika has picked her profession as YouTuber at 56 years old. Up to this point, she is putting forth various Indian vegan dishes that can be made with exceptionally straightforward and simple advances. She is excessively motivation for individuals who imagine that age is a confinement to start any work. To begin with, Nisha began a blog and later, joined YouTube following 1 or 2 years. Presently, she has ended up being the mainstream YouTube Chef and even won the title of Youtube Top Chef India for the year 2014. She remains at number third position in top 10 best YouTubers in India 2017-2018.

4. Sanjay Thumma

He is another acclaimed gourmet specialist simply like Nisha Madhulika. Sanjay Thumma is well known for getting ready non-vegan formulas. Likewise, he is alluded with name Vah-Chef on which he is running a site as well. He has gotten his graduation from the Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Hyderabad. He is Indian gourmet specialist and stands at number fourth position in the rundown of well known Indian YouTube geniuses.

5. Shruti Arjun Anand:

She was brought up in a residential area in UP, Jhansi. Amid her tutoring, she was reliably disposed towards innovative stuffs including little DIY ventures, works of art and crafted works. At the point when Shruti Arjun Anand was in the United States, she began to transfer recordings with respect to tips for skin and excellence items on a week after week premise. In the event that that you are paying special mind to any recommendation with identified with hair and cosmetics, you won't have to discover anyplace. Just open YouTube and Type Shruti as you will get all the arrangement. She is an excellent YouTube star and stands at number five position in the rundown of best 10 mainstream YouTubers in India.

6. Sanam Puri:

Sanam is a Mumbai based Indian pop band and Sanam Puri is functioning as the lead vocal of that band and an Indian playback artist as well. A 24-year-old and school dropout fellow now has turned into a mainstream YouTuber of the nation. He won the hearts of numerous through his delicate voice, despite the fact that he never got any formal preparing in the music business. Sanam Puri is a mainstream vocalist and stands at number six position in the present rundown of best 10 best YouTubers in India.

7. Performing artist Varun Pruthi:

Varun Pruthi will influence social to test, motivational and rousing recordings on YouTube. Huge numbers of the circumstances, he is observed to be seen helping individuals who are in the need of help and cash. They are regularly road sellers and individuals with inabilities. Varun causes them by buying their whole time without a moment's delay. He profits, which he will get on gift, for conveying fundamental things to the destitute individuals. He remains at number seven position in the rundown of famous Indian YouTube hotshots channels.

8. Kanan Gill:

Kanan Gill is none other than a flawless standup humorist whose aim is to expedite grin the client's face. Gill is notable for his audits with respect to the Bollywood motion picture yet in his specific comic drama style. Extraordinary compared to other things concerning Kanan is that he was a product design as well. Be that as it may, now, he tries to carry on with his life in his individual way. Kanan Gill remains at number eight position in the well known Indian YouTube whizzes 2018 rundown.

9. Ranjith Kumar:

Ranjit is a real answer for every one of the inquiries identified with innovation. Ideal from the earphone and advanced mobile phone to Flipkart and Amazon electronic gadget, individuals will ready to get best counsel and arrangement too. On the off chance that, you might want to get the audit of any devices, basically come here and find fair surveys. Since great correspondence with the assistance of basic English is the best part of his recordings. Ranjith Kumar is renowned Youtuber and stands in the well known YouTubers list at number nine position.

10. Vikram Yadav:

A doctor by calling and now offer different restorative and in addition surgery related data on YouTube channel. He propelled this channel with the aim to help restorative understudy perform surgery and different errands identified with solution. On the off chance that you are experiencing any malady, you can watch the recordings transferred by Vikram Yadav so as to take in the most ideal approach to get the arrangement. He additionally offer honest surveys about the recordings posted with respect to his field of aptitude. Also, remains in the rundown of best YouTubers in India at number ten.


posted Feb 20, 2018 by Sandy Joe

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We all must have come across YouTube videos, for example, Honest Indian flights, 100 crore qtiyppa and so on in any event once while surfing on the Internet. Over the past few years, content makers have embraced YouTube wholeheartedly in India. There are many foreign channels who are producing comic drama on Youtube, Indian YouTuber's excessively are not a long ways behind in this type as video gives content creators more space for investigating innovativeness and this stage is broadly acknowledged by the audience in India as well. Here is the list of Indian Youtube channels which will make you laugh till you drop, some of them are as of now salready well known channels while others are yet unexplored.

1. All India Bakchod

All India Bakchod is one of the most popular Indian comedy channels on YouTube, their topic of videos reaches from current happenings to sarcastic goes up against society. Their most recent draw on honest Indian flights have effectively enlisted 1 million Youtube hits.

2. The Viral Fever Video

They are the brain behind Viral Video 'Rowdies'. The title of their videos is fundamentally the same as that of AIB, with more than 600,000 subscribers on their channel they as of now are one of the most followed Youtube channels from India.

3. Mania Ki Duniya

Slightly less popular than the 2 channels mentioned above nevertheless in no way less funny, its popular 2D characters will make you laugh till your stomach aches. The characters in the video are the real highlights of the channel; do not be surprised if this channel is all over your TL in the next few months.

4. The week that wasn’t with Cyrus Broacha

Starring one of the most popular personalities on television – Cyrus Broacha, it is a satirical news show based on the recent happenings in India. Even though no new fresh videos were uploaded in the past few months their old videos are still good enough to make you laugh.

5. Comedy One

Suresh Menon, the face of Comedy One, is already a well established comedy artist. The average length of the video is short but that does not compromise on the comedy content, a must visit channel for comedy lovers.

6. Trouble Seeker team

The team behind the racism experiment of north Indian girls. Not many Indian channels are into this genre of street pranks and magic, hence the Trouble Seeker team fills that void. Some of their pranks are truly hilarious.

7. East India Comedy

Founded by a group of comedian who goes by the same name, their uploads include footage of their stand up acts and some sketches.

8. Sahil Shah

A member of East India comedy group who runs his own Youtube channel, and AD show segments on his channels which are hilarious.

9. Vir Das

The face of Indian English stand up comic act; the humorous content of the channel will surely make you Laugh Out Loud.

10. Jay Hind

A channel based on the format of late night talk shows, hosted by actor Sumeet Raghvan where various well known personalities like Prasoon Joshi and various television actors have made an appearance.


I am such a sucker for Bollywood music that I have a tune prepared in my psyche for any circumstance that I am in. I would express my joy by singing a tune and afterward breaking into an off the cuff move gig. What's more, I just can't work without my dosage of Bollywood music consistently! In the event that you can identify with the majority of that as well, welcome to the club!

Here are some artists who are rocking YouTube with their Bollywood covers and mashups. You are going to love them:

1. Darshit Nayak

Darshit Nayak is a independent singer and song writer from Ahmedabad. Darshit has done various Bollywood music covers, the most critical being "Tum Hi Ho" which collected more than 6 lakh hits. Some of his other well known spreads incorporate mashups of "Kabhi Jo Badal Barse", "Maahi and Judaai" and "Tum Saath Ho".

2. Vidya

Vidya is an Indian conceived American who loves to travel, eat and sing. She performs consistently as a vocalist of the Shankar Tucker Band. Her covers have brought upwards of 5 million hits on YouTube. Her mashup on Nicki Minaj's single "Truffle Butter" and Ram Sampath's "Ambarsariya", is one of our top choices.

3. Shankar Tucker Band

Shankar's melodic style mixes Classical music, Indian society music customs, jazz, popular music and electronic to make a one of a kind and unique combination sound. Shankar himself plays an extensive variety of instruments in his recordings: piano, bass, kanjira, tabla, and other percussion instruments. One of his most famous covers is the mashup of "O Re Piya" and Adele's "Rolling in the Deep".

4. Sanam Puri

Sanam was a YouTube craftsman and the lead vocalist of the band Sanam before breaking into standard Bollywood music. His front of "Duaa" is one of his most famus song.

5. Akash Gandhi

Composer and piano player Akash Gandhi began the YouTube channel, 88 Keys To Euphoria, which does instrumental fronts of prominent melodies. With the madly in-a state of harmony melodic instruments, the band has now developed to wind up noticeably a standout amongst the most perceived brands on YouTube devoted to acoustic Bollywood music. You'll cherish Tujhe Bhula Diya's piano cover.

6. Shirley Setia 

Shirley Setia made a storm at IIT Hyderabad with her musical gig on "Love Me Like You Do", abandoning us awestruck. She is a significant sensation on YouTube. Her cover of "Bol Do Na Zara" achieved a million views on YouTube in only 2 weeks.

7. Siddhartha Slathia

He aspires to become a playback singer in Bollywood. He is a trained classical singer who not only performs covers of Hindi songs but has original compositions as well.

 8. Avanie Joshi

Avanie has progressed significantly since her first appearance on Channel V and MTV. The individuals who are enthusiastic watchers of high schooler dramatizations on Channel V and MTV, must be comfortable with Avanie. Avanie has done shows like Gumrah, Confessions Of An Indian Teenager and Halla Bol. Before foraying into TV, she was a YouTube star who arrived up there by an oddity shot yet just got into the mode! Avanie's Chahun Main Ya Na, a year back, launch her into spotlight with a million perspectives on YouTube.

9. Shraddha Sharma

Shraddha Sharma began her profession by transferring acoustic front of Main Tenu Samjhawan Ki yet it was Haal-E-Dil from Murder 2 which circulated around the web with more than 2 million perspectives. She has additionally sung for a promotion battle with Just Trust Me as the tune.

10. Amika Shail

Amika Shail's mother is the motivation behind her music. Her pleasant and imposing voice is the explanation behind her stunning exhibitions. Not just acoustic spreads, instrumental cover and firsts on youtube, Amika is behind the screen to give voice for different commercial crusades. Her song meri maa made me miss my mom. Mommy, I am coming home!


Let us take you on a ride to the 1990s, when Indian television was at its best. For perusers in Indian, prepare to guarantee your cut of sentimentality! For every other person - how did TV in your nation stack up against the shows recorded here?

Indian TV in the 1990s had such a great amount to offer to each age gathering. It was a period when appears with a fresh portrayal and reasonable yet captivating plots kept us stuck to our sets.

Before the conspiring mother-in-laws and tricking mates assumed control over the blockhead box, the '90s were a period when the whole family could sit together finished a feast and giggle away the day's depletion in the pure funniness of these shows.

Let's take a look at top 10 Indian TV serials of the 90s we grew up watching them:

1. Tara

Tara was the primary Indian cleanser musical show to keep running on Zee TV. It concentrated on the lives, battles, and yearnings of three urban ladies. It was the primary touch of woman's rights in Indian TV. This was likewise the principal show to advance the idea of the "snare point" that makes the group of onlookers anxiously sit tight for the following scene.

2. Dekh Bhai Dekh

A family with a wide range of peculiarities! With the most ideal cast and astonishing comic planning, this show won everybody's heart. Conflicts between three eras living in one major lodge and their straightforward day by day life inconveniences made for culminate comical survey.

3. Chandrakanta

Didn't you simply start to murmur the title melody? Highlighting one the catchiest title tracks, Indian TV's most important dream arrangement Chandrakanta additionally had the most sensational characters: from Kroor Singh to Rupmati and Shani, the rundown is unending. It gave us the best of romantic tales and the most emotional lowlifess entwined up in a profoundly turned plot! We as a whole cherished it.

4. Hum Paanch

This show had an ideal formula for comic drama. Hum Paanch included a bothering spouse, five dysfunctional little girls with their own particular novel methods for seeing life, a talking representation of the dead first wife, and in the midst of every one of them the husband discovering it truly difficult to make due in the female-commanded house!

5. Zee Horror Show

The nightmarish Zee Horror Show was loved by we kids, regardless of the endeavors of our folks to keep us far from it. It is the thing that your senior cousins would spook you with by murmuring the title tune. Don't bother the sketchy make-up and exaggerating, the show got our consideration inevitably, despite the fact that it cost us many evenings' rest. We as a whole endeavored to watch it – with our eyes half-shut!

6. Shaktimaan

'Sorry Shaktimaan' – how frequently have you said this line? We thank this serial for gifting us our most loved superhuman. It hugy affected children in the 1990s, and a considerable lot of us even purchased the outfit to sparkle among our gathering of companions!

7. Captain Vyom

This show took sci-fi to another level through and through, throwing the most attractive stars of that time. Milind Soman, Nethra Raghuraman, Dino Morea, Madhu Sapre, and Rahul Bose – all these and more acted in this one. Without a doubt, this was the most loved of numerous youths.

8. Banegi Apni Baat

Displaying a urban school sentiment, heartbreaks and ragging – this show was a cut of energetic life. It was a major hit among teenagers and youthful grown-ups, and despite the fact that schoolkids were encouraged to avoid it, they figured out how to take numerous a sneak look!

9. Filmi Chakkar

A film-fixated family – a spouse, wife, two children, and a Dadi. With Bollywood at its heart, the dim family issues and the ideal dim answers for their issues meant a highly cherished and conceivable show.

10. Tu Tu Main Main

As a dominant mother-in-law and, to coordinate her, a similarly rambunctious little daughter-in-law, Reema Lagoo and Supriya Pilgaonkar won the hearts of watchers with this parody appear. Portraying the characters' day by day life issues between with a touch of feeling and adore, it was so dissimilar to the most recent saas-bahu adventures we see today.