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Fat Loss To Stardom Stories of Bollywood Stars

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'Unbelievable' is the word which strikes your mind when you come across the pre-stardom pics of these celebs. These eye-candy Bollywood icons were overweight before they hit the stardom. These celebs' 'Fat to Fit' story is as interesting as their rise to stardom. Here is our pick of top ten celebrities who shed pounds and worked hard for that perfect look.

1. Sonam Kapoor

It is no secret that Sonam Kapoor used to weigh around 85 KGs before entering Bollywood. But the best part is the girl who was once known as the fat kid, is now the fashion icon of Bollywood.

2. Alia Bhatt

She entered into Bollywood being the glamour girl of Karan Johar and sizzling on screen in bikini, but did you know she actually was pretty plump and stout before entering Bollywood?

3. Karan Johar

Karan used to be a fat boy with a plump figure during his young days but as soon as he stepped into the industry he lost all that weight and went on to rock Bollywood.

4. Arjun Kapoor

Apparently Arjun Kapoor took weight reducing and muscle toning advice from Salman Khan – no wonder he is looking hot on screen these days.

5. Kareena Kapoor Khan

You know her for her size zero figure right? Well this woman was not so slim when she started off. In fact, she was anything but “zero” she was a full circle.

6. Adnan Sami

Everyone remembers the fat guy who sang ‘mujhko bhi toh lift kara de’. Now you might now recognize him if you see him because he has shed all those extra kilos and looks pretty awesome.

7. Parineeti Chopra

Known for her fine acting, Parineeti used to be a chubby girl when she was living abroad. She admits eating junk food which led to this over weight. However she has now lost all that weight and was also awarded the Fashion Icon of the year recently for coming out more confident in her toned body.

8. Sonakshi Sinha

Being the daughter of the popular actor Shatrughan Sinha she was quite a pampered kid for sure. She was overweight before, but under the wing of Salman Khan she lost all that excess weight and looks stunning now.

posted Mar 17, 2016 by Abu Anam

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Bollywood Celebs stays fit and fine to be in spotlight for the present and ever.But have you ever imagined by what means may your most adored celeb look like if they turned FAT. You wanna know ?? Take a look at this post Then! Its only for entertainment only, nothing else!


1. Kareena Kapoor


2. Aamir Khan


3. Aishwarya Rai


4. Ajay Devgan


5. Akshay Kumar


6. Alia Bhat


7. Anushka Sharma


8. Deepika Padukone


9. Hritik Roshan


10. Katrina Kaif


11. Parinita Chopra


12. Priyanka Chopra


13. Ranbir Kapoor


14. Ranveer Singh


15. Saif Ali Khan


16. Salman Khan


17. Sharukh Khan



18. Sonakshi Sinha


19. Sonam Kapoor


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Their are numerous VIPs in bollywood who got hitched in early age or we can say, in their high school. It is being said that getting hitched at a youthful age is no major ordeal in tinsel town. Simply observe. 


1. Bhagyashree 

Bhagyashree got hitched to her youth sweetheart Himalay Dasani at 21 years old. The couple has two kids, little girl Avantika and child Abhimanyu. 


2. Divya Bharti

Late Bollywood on-screen character Divya Bharti was just 18 when she got married with maker Sajid Nadiawala in 1992. She passed away when she was 19 years of age. 


3. Dharmendra

Dharmendra's first marriage was to Parkash Kaur at 19 years old in 1954. From his first marriage, he has two children, Sunny Deol andBobby Deol both fruitful on-screen characters, and two little girls, Vijeeta Deol and Ajeeta Deol. 


4. Rajesh Khanna

This wonderful performer got hitched to Rajesh Khanna at a youthful age of 16. Rajesh Khanna was 33 at the season of their marriage. The couple isolated following a couple of years, yet never separated. 


5. Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan was initially hitched to Reena Dutta in 1986 when he was just 21 years of age. They have two youngsters, a child named Junaid and a girl, Ira. In December 2002, Khan petitioned for separation. Reena took guardianship of both youngsters. 


6. Sunidhi Chauhan

Sunidhi Chauhan was initially hitched to executive and choreographer Bobby Khan covertly at 18 years old. At begining she was exceptionally cheerful furthermore shared that her in-laws are too great and she dint felt that she has ventured into another house. In any case, later on the things turned dim and they have seperated soon. 


7. Kanika

Kanika wedded to Raj Chandok, a NRI agent in 1997, at 18 years old and moved to London with her better half, with whom she had three youngsters. Kapoor isolated from her better half in 2007 and moved back to her folks home in Lucknow. The couple separated in 2012. She at present dwells in London with her youngsters.


From many years, Bollywood has seen some memorable roles played out by child actors. While many of these kids continued to act in movies, some of them chose other professions once they grew up. You may have seen them on the silver screen when they were tiny and cute. Child actors have always been under the spotlight, especially when they grow up to become gorgeous as well as matured stars in the film industry.

1.Sridevi: Sridevi has probably spent her entire life on silver screen. She debuted at the age of four in 1967 and continued to act in prominent roles in all South Indian languages. Then, she sizzled as an actress in Hindi films and continues to enthrall audiences.


2.Urmila Matondkar:  She debuted as a child artist in the movie “Kalyug” and then played a pivotal role in “Masoom.”  She then came back as a lead actress and did quite a good number of films including Rangeela.


3. Hrithik Roshan: The style  made his debut hero in “Aap Ke Deewane” at age 6. Then, he made tid bit appearances in “Aas Paas” and “Bhagwan Dada” as a child actor.


4. Aamir Khan: He had worked as a child actor in 1973 hit movie “Yaadon Ki Baraat.”


5.Sana Saeed: Remember Sana Saeed from “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?” She played a very cute kiddo in KKHH and then years later as a hot babe in Student of the Year.

6. Alia Bhat: Remember her role in Sangharsh? She has come a long way since then! She now rocks and sizzles on the bollywood screen.

7. Parzan Dastur: "Tussi ja rahe ho? Tussi na jao".   We can't forget the cute little kid from Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. He was seen playing the lead role in Sikander, a film revolving around terrorism in Jammu & Kashmir, along with Sanjay Suri and Madhavan.  .


8. Shweta Basu Prasad: In 2002, she acted in Vishal Bhardwaj’s film Makdee, for which she won the National Film Award for Best Child Artist. Shweta Basu Prasad has acted in a number of TV serials since then, apart from playing Shreyas Talpade’s sister in Iqbal. Currently, Shweta is pursuing a career in Telugu cinema.


9. Aditya Narayan: Son of singer Udit Narayan, he starred opposite Aamir Khan and Salman Khan as a child actor. Currently, he is pursuing his career in music.


10. Hansika Motwani: We remember her in the film Koi Mil Gaya which starred Hrithik Roshan and Preity Zinta. Hansika Motwani is today a successful actress in south Indian films and has had a number of stints in TV serials too.



 Here we tell you some of the untold stories about Kajol's life.

When Kajol lost her memory on the sets of ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’

Kajol’s best friend Karan Johar once told in an interview that During the shooting of ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ song ‘Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana’, apparently lost her balance and fell flat on the ground. She not only bruised her knee, she also lost her memory. Than Kajol forgot everything and everybody except her beau Ajay Devgn. When she talked to Ajay she started gaining her memory’.

When Aditya Chopra taught acting to Kajol

When ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ completed its 1000 weeks, SRK said ‘Kajol has to blush during the scene of the movie, for which takes alot of ‘takes’ and finally Aditya taught her the scenes’.

Kajol starts crying whenever she heard the story

SRK said in an interview ‘Whenever Karan narrates any film to Kajol, she starts crying. But finally she done the movie. Her every character is very difficult’.


This was the first meeting of SRK – Kajol

Kajol met Shah Rukh Khan first time on the sets of ‘Baazigar’. About this, SRK told in an interview ‘I first met Kajol at New Year on January 1, when we were shooting for ‘Baazigar’. At that time I came to know a person like me, who also works on the first day of the new year and it was Kajol. She entered on the sets and was screaming, hug several people and just say ‘hello’ to me and she went. I was quite shy, then she said to Ravi Dada on the sets- This is how your hero, do not speak, How I will work with him? Than, we used to talk alot. And, I am very much impressed with Kajol’s work’.


The Love Story Of Kajol And Ajay Devgn

Kajol began dating fellow actor, Ajay Devgn, in 1994, while filming for Gundaraj. The critics labelled them as an ‘unlikely pair’ due to their contrasting personalities. Few believed that the relationship would not last long, let alone culminate into marriage. But, defying the media speculations, the couple got married after a four-year long courtship and are still going strong.  Ajay explained their relationship by saying, “We never resorted to the usual ‘I love you’ routine. A proposal never happened. We grew with each other. Marriage was never discussed, but it was always imminent.”  This ‘unlikely pair’ tied the knot on February 24, 1999, in true Maharashtrian style. The couple has two children, daughter Nysa and son Yug.

SRK miss Kajol in every film

Last year, on the promotion of ‘Dilwale’ SRK said that ‘I miss Kajol in every film. With this film she gave us 150 days. She had to be away from her children and I know it is a huge sacrifice for a parent.’

Aamir is a big fan of Kajol’s acting

Aamir Khan who shares screen with Kajol in the movie ‘Fanaa’ had said in an interview “I wish she would do a film with me. She is one of those few actors who have the ability to make an audience fall in love with her. I love watching her.”

Sidharth Malhotra is a big fan of Kajol

Sidharth Malhotra who was an assistant director of the film ‘My Name Is Khan’ said “I got a chance to work with Kajol when I was an AD on My Name Is Khan (2010). She is an amazing actress, a thorough professional and a very warm person. I’m a huge fan!”


1. Priyanka  Chopra


2. Aamir Khan


3. Aishwarya Rai 


4. Alia Bhatt


5. Amitabh Bachchan


6. Katrina Kaif


7. Saif Ali Khan


8. Sharukh Khan


9. Abhishek Bachchan


10. Ajay Devghan


11. Deepika padukone


12. Hritik Roshan


12. Kareena Kapoor


14. Ranbhir Kapoor


15. Salman Khan


16. Shahid Kapoor




They say a photo says a thousand words. Gone are the days when a notice had the primary star holding a firearm and yelling his minds out which was sufficient to get in the group. Circumstances are different since as Bollywood motion picture blurbs have gone from strong to bolder. The most recent ten years or so have seen many on-screen characters going shirtless presenting their middle's to snatch whatever number eyeballs as could reasonably be expected. Here we take a gander at fifteen top Bollywood stars who went naked or semi-bare for their motion picture publications. 


Shahid Kapoor 

Shahid Kapoor uncovered middle for his "Kaminey" motion picture notice where he prepared hard to get under the character of Charlie and also in "Udta Punjab". Despite the fact that the film averaged business in the cinema world it got individuals considering him important. 

Dara Singh 

Seemingly, the primary he-man of Hindi silver screen who had the qualification of going shirtless for almost all his film blurbs. It was required for Dara Singh to uncover in each film blurb as he was the undisputed wrestling champ of India. He took up "B" grade movies which were construct either with respect to super saint characters of fanciful legendary characters where he needed to uncover his middle. He began his movie vocation as a performing artist in 1952 with "Sangdil" which he tailed it up with 'Faulad', 'Samson', 'Rustom-E-Hind', 'Sikandar-E-Azam', 'Lootera', 'Veer Bajrang', 'Jawan Mard', 'Toofan', and so forth. 


The first occasion when that demonstrated a prominent saint going shirtless on a motion picture blurb was none other than Dharmendra in OP Ralhan's 'Patthar Ke Phool' in 1966 and in Anil Sharma's 'Elaan-E-Jung' in 1989. He was viewed as the most great looking he-man legend who could make his female fans swoon over him. Not the normal solid sort but rather sufficiently solid to bash a posse of goons without any assistance. The publication of 'Patthar Ke Phool' raked up a tempest among the group as it was surprisingly that "An" evaluation motion picture playing a typical man went shirtless remaining close to a champion. 

Sanjay Dutt 

Sanjay Dutt went shirtless for Feroz Khan's "Yalgaar" notice where he played a character with negative shades. In spite of the fact that he had gone shirtless in a scene in his introduction motion picture "Rough" and in different past movies yet "Yalgaar" set the tone for his up and coming movies. 

Sunny Deol 

Sunny Deol like his dad Dharmendra was a wellness monstrosity who played solid men characters in real life movies. He stripped in two or three scenes in his presentation film "Betaab" and Rajkumar Santoshi's "Ghayal" and "Ghatak" yet never on a notice. JP Dutta's "Kshatriya" was most likely the main blurb where he ran shirtless alongside Sanjay Dutt. 

Aamir Khan 

Aamir Khan, the stickler had a short and incline constitution before he began pumping iron for his part in 'Ghajini'. He assumed the part of a man who experiences transient memory misfortune and is out to retaliate for his adored's demise. The blurb uncovered him wearing a six-pack body with names tattooed everywhere on his body. He later did the full Monty for Rajkumar Hirani's "PK" in 2014 where he played an outsider who secured his basic part with an old music player. 

Salman Khan 

A few years prior Salman with a shirt or shirt was uncommon, it was a sworn off conclusion that he will go shirtless in his film. Be it his first blockbuster 'Maine Pyaar Kiya', 'Karan Arjun' or 'Veergati', the motion picture publication had a Salman uncovering his middle. He was a wellness monstrosity from his first film and has played guide to multitudinous up and coming performing artists which incorporate any semblance of Hrithik Roshan and Arjun Kapoor. 

Ajay Devgan 

Ajay Devgan made his acting presentation with 'Phool Aur Kaante' in 1991 and has come a since a long time ago then. He too had an incline build until he went shirtless for "Omkara" where he pumped iron. The notice of Rohit Shetty's "Singham" made him strip for the motion picture publication which was caught up by 'Activity Jackson'. 

Shah Rukh Khan 

Lord Khan too never trusted in removing his shirt until Farah Khan demanded creating eight packs for his home generation 'Om Shanti Om'. The tune 'Dard-e-Disco' had him move shirtless. From that point forward he has gone shirtless on a couple events for a few scenes in movies yet for a motion picture publication again went shirtless in 'Glad New Year'. 

Saif Ali Khan 

Saif Ali Khan took a while to give a performance hit as he had hits just where he played second fiddle to different saints. It was simply after 2005 that he conditioned up his body to get into the top group. His first film blurb where he went topless was for Yashraj's 'Salaam Namaste' (2005) and "Kurbaan" (2009). In spite of the fact that he seemed shirtless in a few scenes in motion pictures like 'Race', 'Race 2', 'Being Cyrus' and "Omkara" yet stays to be considered as a part of the three Khans. 

Hrithik Roshan 

It took just about 10 years for Hrithik to go topless in Zoya Akhtar's 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' in 2011 in the wake of making his crushing presentation in 'Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai' in 2000. One of the fittest and most good looking hunks in contemporary Bollywood, he had uncovered in many films however it was 'Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara' which took the cake. 

John Abraham 

John is acclaimed for going shirtless in verging on each film of his. His presentation motion picture "Jism" trailed by "Paap" set the pattern for every one of his motion pictures. One of the best bodies in the business, his eminent movies where he stripped for scenes were in 'Dostana', 'Dhoom', 'Race 2' and 'Shoot Out At Wadala', and so forth. 

Rajkummar Rao

The widely praised Hansal Mehta's "Shahid" made Rajkummar Rao strip for the motion picture notice. Despite the fact that the motion picture snatched a couple of national honors yet went unnoticed at the crate –office. A quite underrated, he is gradually and consistently making his imprint by doing significant parts. 

Varun Dhawan 

Varun Dhawan is the new hunk on the square who made his acting presentation in Karan Johar's 'Understudy of the Year' in 2012. He has climbed the prominence step rather quick and has conveyed a couple hits in a matter of moments. He showed his middle in the motion picture blurb of 'Fundamental Tera Hero' where he had both the female leads sticking on to him. No big surprise fans expect more from him sooner rather than later. 

Karan Singh Grover 

Karan Singh Grover is the most recent contestant to the rundown of performing artists who stripped for a motion picture blurb in Bhushan Patel's blood and guts movie "Alone" (2015) which co-gazed Bipasha Basu. He began as an Indian performing artist and model who showed up in TV programs and made his Bollywood debut with "Bhram" in 2008.


Shah Rukh Khan 

In a meeting he uncovered that he removes his footwear just when he goes to overnight boardinghouse even nods off with his shoes on. 


Sunny Leone

 She is fixated on her feet, and is said that she used to wash her feet at regular intervals amid the shoot of 'Jism 2'. 


Kareena Kapoor Khan 

You may have seen numerous individuals gnawing their nails, and Kareena is additionally one of them. She can't help herself. 

Amitabh Bachchan 

When Abhishek and Aishwarya are out of the nation, he inclines toward wearing two wrist watches without a moment's delay. While one watch is determined to IST (Indian Standard Time) the other is set according to their time zone. 


Ayushmann Khurrana 

He is extremely fixated on cleaning his teeth. He adores to brush his teeth as frequently as possible. 


John Abraham 

Our Bollywood hunk John has a propensity for shaking his legs, which is entirely basic, yet he appreciates it all over.