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Flirting Is An Art, Admit It

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Flirting is the gentle art of letting a person know that you are interested in them – whether for a passing affair or a bonding relationship that can be decided later.

But flirting can be tricky too. Especially when you miss to register that someone is flirting with you and you realize it later – only to regret. Now, wouldn’t it be great if you could crack the secret on flirting right? Fret not, help is at hand.

1. Eye Contact Is A Must

If you walk into a party and see someone attractive, don’t look away. Try to make eye contact with that person. Making eye contact is the best way of flirting. It melts the other person and makes you feel like getting close to that person.

2. Smile But Not A Lot

Smile is the best thing to do after that quintessential eye contact. Smile, not just with your lips but with your eyes also. That’s the best way of attracting a person and it makes you feel more confident. Let your smile light up the room and make it comfortable while flirting. It fills that very moment with more emotions.

3. Move Your Body

Moving your body is easier than it sounds. When your eyes are looking at that person with a confident smile on your face, your body will follow and do its own dance. Descend into your heart and trust your body. Flirting is a natural bodily response to external stimuli that activates the good hormones. You just have to go with it.

4. Speak Up, Show Some Confidence

Girls love it when a man compliment them. If a guy starts a conservation, it instantly goes in your favour. A simple ‘Hi’ can add a much to your flirt efforts. But remember less is more.

5. Introduce Yourself And Maintain Some Mystery

While you are trying to flirt, make sure you introduce yourself and for a start, the first name is sufficient. Remember it’s a ‘flirtatious’ moment not a business meeting. Besides, you’re not wearing a name tag so make it easy to remember.

6. Ignite A Conversation

When all the above mentioned steps are done and everything is in your favour (her smile will give you, your answer), just make sure you don’t let it end over here. Ignite a conversation which helps you in flirting more. Avoid any debates or harsh criticisms and certainly no complaints. In fact, if she begins to complain then I would take it as a warning sign and immediately turn off the flirt switch.

7. Break The Touch Barrier

Don’t be over, but a bit of touching is more than enough. And it should also look like you are complimenting her. But if you’ll over do it, it will ruin all your efforts of flirting, may be with someone else.

8. keep It Short And Sweet

You should always know that to keep the demand high, supply should be short. Keep the sensual brush with human nature short and brief. No dragging it on or the rush to create an impromptu date.

9. Wrap It UP

Wrap it up and don’t forget to ask for her number. Flirting would be a waste if you don’t ask for it.

posted Mar 12, 2016 by Deepika Jain

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 It’s a genuine saying that we never get over our first love. But why is that? You might have proceeded onward, you’re most likely in another relationship and years may have gone since you were with them, however then every time you consider it, it appears like yesterday. Life might have happened for you, however your first love wasn’t ever over for you.

Here are the few reasons why you can never get over your first love.


1. You Put All Your Hopes Into It

Despite the fact that you were youthful, you needed it to work out like nothing else. The way that it didn’t for at all reasons still frequents you and you are ever in a condition of miracle with respect to ‘imagine a scenario where. That question still frequents you and you would likely need to remember those minutes once more.


2. You don’t need to talk to express, your eyes speak your heart

Well, the best part. Most of the first love involves a lot of silence. You don’t need your mouth, just staring at each other will do all the talking.


 3. That is the first time you start thinking about some other person. And that won’t be a time waste at all. 

Thinking and caring about them consumes half of your time. But at the end of the day, you will only get more love. Well that’s what humans want, isn’t it?


4. No matter where they are, if they are in your sensing radius, you can actually feel them. Isn’t it magical?

Love has always been a magical experience. And with that added feeling, comes your next superpower. And that is you actually can feel that person whenever they are around you.


5That is the first time you start thinking about some other person. And that won’t be a time waste at all.

Thinking and caring about them consumes half of your time. But at the end of the day, you will only get more love. Well that’s what humans want, isn’t it?


6. It’s a First for a lot of things

The first kiss, the first ever proper relationship, the first fight! The first love opens up a whole new world of feelings and experiences!


7. The First Ex

And a first of many to come, again for a lot of us! The first Ex is the ultimate test of your patience, tolerance and your love. Because moving on and letting go is the penultimate sign of love, if you are being dumped. 


8. First love is always the pure and innocent one. You know nothing about love, yet you tread on the path.

That young age, the blossoming of a new feeling, that desire of being with that person all the time. How can one forget that? 


With the stating of year 2016, bollywood actresses has gone very unlucky for their relationships. A break-up is always so difficult, and it's even worse for actresses who are constantly questioned about their private life. They are searching for the right person for their life patner. These actresses have everything in the world but have been terribly unlucky in love.

Kangna Ranaut: She made headlines when she was in an abusive relationship with Aditya Pancholi. Later she dated Adhyayan Suman but that did not last for long either.

Priyanka Chopra: She too has been quite unlucky in love. In the past, she dated Aseem Merchant and Harman Baweja. Her rumoured affair with Shahid Kapoor too ended unexpectedly. We really hope PeeCee finds her prince charming soon.

Preity Zinta: Who would have known this cute, chirpy actress wouldn't have a happily-ever-after? Preity and Ness Wadia looked so great together. They made a strong, beautiful couple but all in vain.

Katrina Kaif: It was heartbreaking to hear that her relationship with Ranbir Kapoor was on the rocks while she was busy promoting her movie Fitoor. And who can forget her ugly break up with superstar Salman Khan? Sad.

Rekha: The gorgeous Rekha is one lady who seemed to be unlucky in love. Despite marrying Mukesh Aggarwal who unexpectedly ended his life within a year, her alleged affair with Amitabh Bachchan continues to keep gossip mills churning.

Tabu: She has always kept her love life private. Not many know Tabu was in love with Sajid Nadiadwala. However, the relationship didn’t last for long and Sajid got married to someone else. Tabu also grew close to south superstar Nagarjuna but this love story too broke into pieces. It seems love doesn't favour Tabu.

Bipasha Basu: We can’t imagine what Bipasha must have gone through when she and John Abraham broke up after 10 long years. In the past, she also dated Dino Morea but the relationship didn’t last long. Her relationship with Karan Singh Grover is also on the rocks. We so feel her pain.

Manisha Koirala: The Dil Se star dated actors like Nana Patekar, Aryan Vaid and Sandeep Chowta but none of her relationships lasted long enough. She later got married to a Nepal businessman Samrat Dahal but the marriage ended in divorce in 2012.

Chitrangada Singh: The Desi Boyz actress got married to Jyoti Randhawa in the year 2011 when she made headlines for Hazaaron Khwahishe Aisi. In order to manage her family and marriage, she took a break from showbiz. Nevertheless, her marriage didn't work out and she got divorced in 2013.

Dimple Kapadia: Soon after she became an overnight sensation with her debut film Bobby, she married superstar Rajesh Khanna. The marriage wasn't a happy one but she never got divorced. Dimple was allegedly in love with Sunny Deol who was married to Pooja Deol.

Parveen Babi: The veteran actress made headlines more for her relationships than her work. Parveen was in a relationship with Kabir Bedi and Danny Denzongpa but none of these relationship worked. Later, Parveen fell in love with the much-married Mahesh Bhatt but their love story didn't last due to her mental illness.