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Unknown Facts About Forever Best Bollywood Movie 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge'

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We all have watched 'DDLJ'. A few of us have watched it presumably a million times, and still keep on doing so. Each extraordinary story has a great back story to it. We chose to uncover some nostalgia and here are some wonderful unknown facts about DDLJ:

Raj Malhotra is one of our most loved characters in the movie and SRK made a splendid showing with regards to with it. In any case, did you realize that he wasn't the primary decision for the motion picture? Aditya Chopra really needed to cast Tom Cruise for the film however his dad clarified the significance of having an Indian face. Discussing that, Saif Ali Khan was offered the part at first, which was clearly majorly declined by him. 

Pamela Chopra clarified in a interview that the jaunty character of the hovering father Anupam Kher depended on Yash Chopra himself. He was an exceptionally cool father and Aditya needed the character to be much the same as that.

Many people think that the title of the film was taken from the vintage tune 'Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge' however as a general rule, the title was proposed by Kirron Kher, Anupam's better half and a superb on-screen character herself.

Keep in mind the well known move scene from 'Ruk Ja Oh Dil Deewane', where Shah Rukh drops Kajol? Well her look of being stunned is exceptionally regular since she wasn't informed that it was a part of the script. Aditya Chopra forgot to tell her about it, hah!

At the point when SRK was offered the motion picture, Aditya felt that he would hop on it, however the fact of the matter is a long way from genuine here. He truly delighted in the script yet was uncertain of doing a platitude sentiment motion picture himself and furthermore in light of the fact that he thought he wasn't sufficiently attractive to play the beguiling Raj. In the long run the Chopras persuaded him and Yash Chopra revealed to him that an awesome sentimental motion picture was the ticket to his fame. Rest, as we as a whole know, is history.

The 'aao, aao' scene which has Amrish Puri bolstering the pigeons, was really an unrehearsed demonstration. That is the ability of a genuine craftsman.

The editing was finished by Aditya and Karan Johar. The pair ensured that the making of the film was publicized on Doordarshan, something that had never happened. Karan Johar never had formal preparing in film making and he really got prepared on the arrangements of DDLJ.

posted Apr 12, 2017 by Divya Nayak

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