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Who was Ashwini Ekbote what she was famous for?

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Who was Ashwini Ekbote what she was famous for?
posted Oct 24, 2016 by Deepa

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1 Answer

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Ashwini Ekbote is a well known face of Marathi Industry.She was famous for her BharatNatyam Classical Dance which helped her to shape her career in Marathi Industry.It all started with the theatre wherein she played in two different plays including Eka kshanaat and Tya Tighanchi Gosht.Then Soon she got the chance to do Marathi films, which started with High Command, Kshan Ha Mohacha, Aarambh 2011, Dankyavar Danka, Taptapadi, Baavare Prem He and Mahaguru to name a few.

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answer Mar 28, 2017 by Snehal Raikar