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How many total number of National Film Award won by Satyajit Ray?

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How many total number of National Film Award won by Satyajit Ray?
posted Sep 6, 2016 by Pushpak Chauhan

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1 Answer

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Satyajit Ray has won thirty-five National Film Awards during his four-decade career.

Ray also received various awards and honours at international film festivals and universities. These include awards at the 9th Chicago International Film Festival (1973), 28th Berlin International Film Festival (1978), 11th Moscow International Film Festival (1979), 35th Cannes Film Festival (1982), 39th Venice International Film Festival (1982), 4th Tokyo International Film Festival (1991), and 35th San Francisco International Film Festival (1992). He was also awarded an honorary doctorate from the Royal College of Art (1974), a Doctor of Letters from the University of Oxford (1978), the British Film Institute Fellowship (1983), and two Sangeet Natak Akademi awards (1959, 1986).

satyajit ray

answer Apr 7, 2017 by Rahul Lokhandwala
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