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Kajol Had The Most Memorable Pairing With These 6 Actors, Not Just Shah Rukh Khan!

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Kajol is the ethereal dark beauty of Indian cinema, who always stuns her audiences with her memorable performances. Kajol is that kind of an actor who can get into the skin of ANY character, can portray any role. She has been serious for us, give us excellent comedy films at the same time. She also hasn’t shied away from being vocal about her thoughts at times, and she is now the mother of two beautiful children with her actor-husband Ajay Devgn.

While Kajol is mostly remembered for her most memorable romantic roles opposite Shahrukh Khan. But she has given us many other memorable performances with other actors, with whom she made a better pairing and had better timing.

While that has been lost in history, let us revisit those golden pairings:


Kajol – Salman Khan

Sallu bhai made a dashing pair with Kajol in this comedy film, which was a runaway hit. Remember this movie’s most iconic song? Don’t? See the video below!


Kajol – Aamir Khan

Who can forget Kajol’s first time pairing with Aamir Khan in the film, Fanaa? It was refreshing to see them on screen for the first time, and their chemistry was awesome in that movie.


Kajol – Saif Ali Khan

Chota Nawab did quite a number of comedy films in his younger days, and one of his biggest hits was with Kajol. Kajol had just begun her career then, but the young vivacity of their pairing is something that is missed in an SRK-Kajol pairing.


Kajol – Ajay Devgn

Indian cinema’s most iconic pair, both on and off screen. The pair created magic in their only hit film together, Pyaar to hona hi tha. The songs were magical, their chemistry fatal and above everything, the love was very much visible! Who can beat this pairing on screen?



Kajol – Bobby Deol

Kajol’s only negative role till date, one which is remembered by everyone. Bobby Deol and she made a different pair on screen, and though Jr. Deol’s career didn’t work out, this film is definitely remembered by many for the dangerous pairing that Bobby and Kajol’s was.


Kajol – Akshay Kumar

Our very own Khiladi had his first haseena in Kajol. Kajol and Akshaye Kumar brought a freshness onto our screens, and they had so much energy together that it will put SRK’s Dil To Pagal Hai to shame. Don’t agree? Watch their song below, you will understand!

posted Aug 18, 2016 by Reeta

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 Here we tell you some of the untold stories about Kajol's life.

When Kajol lost her memory on the sets of ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’

Kajol’s best friend Karan Johar once told in an interview that During the shooting of ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ song ‘Yeh Ladka Hai Deewana’, apparently lost her balance and fell flat on the ground. She not only bruised her knee, she also lost her memory. Than Kajol forgot everything and everybody except her beau Ajay Devgn. When she talked to Ajay she started gaining her memory’.

When Aditya Chopra taught acting to Kajol

When ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ completed its 1000 weeks, SRK said ‘Kajol has to blush during the scene of the movie, for which takes alot of ‘takes’ and finally Aditya taught her the scenes’.

Kajol starts crying whenever she heard the story

SRK said in an interview ‘Whenever Karan narrates any film to Kajol, she starts crying. But finally she done the movie. Her every character is very difficult’.


This was the first meeting of SRK – Kajol

Kajol met Shah Rukh Khan first time on the sets of ‘Baazigar’. About this, SRK told in an interview ‘I first met Kajol at New Year on January 1, when we were shooting for ‘Baazigar’. At that time I came to know a person like me, who also works on the first day of the new year and it was Kajol. She entered on the sets and was screaming, hug several people and just say ‘hello’ to me and she went. I was quite shy, then she said to Ravi Dada on the sets- This is how your hero, do not speak, How I will work with him? Than, we used to talk alot. And, I am very much impressed with Kajol’s work’.


The Love Story Of Kajol And Ajay Devgn

Kajol began dating fellow actor, Ajay Devgn, in 1994, while filming for Gundaraj. The critics labelled them as an ‘unlikely pair’ due to their contrasting personalities. Few believed that the relationship would not last long, let alone culminate into marriage. But, defying the media speculations, the couple got married after a four-year long courtship and are still going strong.  Ajay explained their relationship by saying, “We never resorted to the usual ‘I love you’ routine. A proposal never happened. We grew with each other. Marriage was never discussed, but it was always imminent.”  This ‘unlikely pair’ tied the knot on February 24, 1999, in true Maharashtrian style. The couple has two children, daughter Nysa and son Yug.

SRK miss Kajol in every film

Last year, on the promotion of ‘Dilwale’ SRK said that ‘I miss Kajol in every film. With this film she gave us 150 days. She had to be away from her children and I know it is a huge sacrifice for a parent.’

Aamir is a big fan of Kajol’s acting

Aamir Khan who shares screen with Kajol in the movie ‘Fanaa’ had said in an interview “I wish she would do a film with me. She is one of those few actors who have the ability to make an audience fall in love with her. I love watching her.”

Sidharth Malhotra is a big fan of Kajol

Sidharth Malhotra who was an assistant director of the film ‘My Name Is Khan’ said “I got a chance to work with Kajol when I was an AD on My Name Is Khan (2010). She is an amazing actress, a thorough professional and a very warm person. I’m a huge fan!”