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8 Goosebumps Moments From The Trailer Of ‘MS Dhoni: The Untold Story’

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In the area where cricket is a religion and Sachin is its GOD, captain cool MS Dhoni is nothing not exactly the Messiah. The 2007 T20 World Cup triumph is all you have to wind up an enthusiast of him. Concurred, there are numerous who don't care for this player, who is one of the best skipper Indian Cricket Team has ever seen. In basic terms, to characterize Dhoni, one can say; 'you can love him or contempt him however can't ever disregard him'. What's more, yesterday, the trailer of the highly anticipated biopic on commander cool was discharged. The serenade of "Mahi… Mahi..", was all that anyone could need to make you watch the trailer over and over. What's more, it was nothing not exactly a goosebumps charge for all the MSD fans and any genuine sweetheart of the game. Thus, here we bring a rundown of 8 minutes from the trailer of MS Dhoni: The Untold Story which would have most likely given you goosebumps.


“Mahi, Maar Raha Hai…”

MSD is known for his powerful big shots which go over the top of the stadium. And, when in the trailer, Sushant Singh Rajput is shown hitting shots after shots and a child voice in the background saying “Mahi maar raha hai”, the moment makes your hairs stand-up.


“Dhoni, Dhoni Hai”

We are shown Sushant running out of a train and in the background a conversation is happening. “Dhoni koi Tendulkar hai?”; “Nahi paaji, Dhoni Dhoni hai”. This statement is more than enough to give you goosebumps, because we all know what Dhoni has achieved.


Those Long Hair

When MSD started his career, his long flaunty hair was his trademark. Even heads of state have asked him not to cut it short. Dhoni has donned various hairstyles after that but for any die-hard fan, those long hairs are still his unique identity. And when Sushant is shown diving for a ball with those long hair, even though the shot is for just two seconds, it gave all of us chill and made us revisit those old moments.


MSD's Stadium Entry

Overview of the stadium from top. “Mahi…Mahi” chant in the back. Shot is cut to stylish entry of MSD is the Indian Jersey with ‘Dhoni – 7’ written on the back. If this scene hasn’t given you goosebumps then nothing will.


“We are all doing national duty”

Dhoni has always considered playing for the national team as a duty towards the nation. And he has made it clear in his statements many a times. When Sushant says, “We are all servants and we are all doing national duty”, a true MSDian will have his chest pumped up with pride for the captain cool.


The Helicopter Shot

MSD’s trademark shot is the renowned ‘helicopter shot’. Many have tried and failed to replicate it. And if someone has come close to perfection on it, then it is Sushant in the movie. When, in the trailer, he is shown hitting the helicopter shot, back-to-back, a blot is obvious to pass through our spines.


The Finishing Six

Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s finishing six in the 2011 World Cup final, is obviously the most important six of his career. The look on Dhoni’s face after hitting that shot, with bat still in the air, has got engraved into our minds. And when Sushant dittos it on the screen, we just can’t stop ourselves from playing that portion again and again.


Winning Commentary

The trailer commences with the Ravi Shastri’s commentary of India winning the world cup in 2011. All cricket fans feel a sense of pride and overflow of joy, whenever they hear those words. And the same happened here. In Hindi we say, ‘rongtte khade hogaye’, and literally that happened.

posted Aug 16, 2016 by Ramya

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