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Bollywood Sequels That Didn’t Work

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Often, after  producing a blockbuster, our bollywood movie producers are tormented by doing a sequel. Some of the time these sequels hit and sometimes they miss. Here are a some of the sequels which weren't up to the mark



Golmaal Returns 

"Golmaal" was entertaining all around. Indeed, even the peak was shot interestingly. In any case, 'Golmaal Returns' wasn't as clever as its antecedent. The cleverness was constrained and it was truly hard to giggle at those jokes. Additionally, the motion picture stereotyped ladies in different ways. The main humorous minute in this motion picture was the point at which the lead performing artists masquerade as ladies. 


Golmaal 3 

This motion picture didn't achieve both its antecedents' level. The motion picture had a lousy storyline which was overdosed with tasteless jokes. Likewise, the negligible battles between the lead on-screen characters didn't help by any stretch of the imagination. The motion picture is lousiest in the whole arrangement. 


Bheja Fry 2 

This continuation wasn't totally terrible. Be that as it may, the motion picture could have been something more. In spite of the fact that, the motion picture creators endeavored at making this film amusing, they weren't absolutely effective. It can be observed once. 


Don 2 : The King is Back

Wear's astonishment finishing raised the eyebrows of numerous cinegoers. Notwithstanding, Don 2 didn't awe numerous. In spite of the fact that the film was business achievement, it was a basic disappointment. The motion picture was intensely affected by 'Sea's 11'. Likewise, the executive, Farhan Akhtar, neglected to disclose in the matter of why Asia's mafia sovereign transforms into a criminal. What's more, notwithstanding being a mafia bigshot, Don (Shahrukh) does everything, including the unimportant things, for example, getting the medication dispatches. In general, this spin-off was an immense frustration 


Jannat 2 

Jannat 2 has made this rundown simply because of its story. The execution of Imran Hashmi and Randeep Hooda are great however they aren't sufficient to spare the motion picture. Jannat had an unusual story yet Jannat 2 here had an anticipated story which neglects to awe. Other than that, the motion picture is great. In any case, somewhat more exertion could have improved this motion picture 


Jism 2 

This boorish film is exhausting. Sunny Leone, previous obscene performing artist, was given a role as the main woman of this continuation. Be that as it may, her well proportioned looks don't rescue this film. The screenplay, story and music were taken care of inadequately by debutante' executive Pooja Bhatt. On an entire, it is a forgettable toll. 


Yamla Pagla Deewana 2 

Subsequent to scoring an astonishment hit with 'Yamla Pagla Deewana', Dharmendra chose to do 'Yamla Pagla Deewana 2'. The motion picture had Dharmendra and his children, Sunny and Bobby, ahead of the pack parts. Not at all like its antecedent, the motion picture was a failure. The motion picture wasn't clever and it had a typically frail story. 


Race 2 

Race was amazing. In spite of the fact that, it was a freemake of 'Farewell Lover', "Race" was very much coordinated. However, 'Race 2' doesn't achieve that level by any stretch of the imagination. The motion picture battles to awe the gathering of people with its anticipated turns. What's great in this motion picture is Saif and John Abraham's contention. Other than that the motion picture is average. 


Murder 3

Murder 3 was an Indian psychological thriller film and the sequel to the 2011 film, Murder 2. Directed by Vishesh Bhatt and produced by Mukesh Bhatt from Vishesh Films. This is the third installment in the series and unlike its predecessors, this edition is an official remake - of the Colombian thriller The Hidden Face. Murder 3 was released on 15 February 2013 to mixed reviews. The film performed moderately well at the box office.


posted Aug 2, 2016 by Sahana

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It is constantly great to see another pair sentiment on screen. It offers freshness to an oft-trodden class of sentiment. In an industry where performers are being dispatched consistently, Bollywood has choices to match up any attractive stars in different changes and mixes! 

Obviously, there is likewise a probability that not each pair would engage the moviegoers, regardless of how effective every star might be and regardless of the fact that they exclusively have an enormous after. Reprimand it on the absence of science, poor scripting or the absence of potential in the plot for their science to build up, a couple of these sets don't figure out how to awe the viewers.

Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt

Notwithstanding the sponsorship of Anurag Kashyap, Karan Johar and Vikramaditya Motwane and coordinated by Queen popularity Vikas Bahl, Shaandaar neglected to awe either the commentators or the fans! Despite the fact that it had a tall tale sentiment at its center, an attractive pair in Shahid and Alia, the peculiar screenplay was not upto everybody's taste. Shahid and Alia are again combined up in Udta Punjab, so seek they are fortunate after each other the second time around!


Aditya Roy Kapur – Katrina Kaif

The trailer was great, the tunes were brilliant, and Katrina was solid with Aditya, at any rate before the film discharged. However when the film turned out, none of the perspectives that pulled in us to the film could figure out how to rescue the fiasco the motion picture was. Point the finger at it on the normal exhibitions (with the exception of Tabu) and the deadened heading, Fitoor was one of 2016′s calamity! Both Katrina and Aditya need one gigantic hit to rescue their vocations!


Ranveer Singh – Parineeti Chopra

Despite the fact that Parineeti was dispatched in Ranveer Singh's Ladies versus Ricky Bahl (that was a failure also), it was just in Kill Dil that they were combined impractically. What's more, what a debacle it ended up being, almost slowing down Parineeti's vocation! Despite the fact that it was delivered by YRF, who dispatched both the stars, the film neglected to allure the viewers, notwithstanding when Parineeti went the glitz route for the part!


Arjun Kapoor – Sonakshi Sinha

Despite the fact that they were connected with each other when the motion picture was set to discharge, none of their science was noticeable when the film hit the marquee. In spite of the fact that the change of a well known Tamil film, Tevar never figured out how to click with the North indian groups of onlookers, even with Arjun Kapoor calling himself Salman Ka Fan!


Ranbir Kapoor – Anushka Sharma

Bombay Velvet could have been our Casablanca, however what it ended up being was a gorgeous wannabe perfect work of art! Both Anushka and Ranbir looked miscast, and significantly together they couldn't wow the viewers! We should trust they figure out how to redress this in their up and coming film, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil!


Ayushmann Khurrana – Sonam Kapoor

Indeed, even a swimsuit clad Sonam Kapoor, two or three kissing scenes and a brilliant Rishi Kapoor, this Meet The Parents' motivated flick didn't figure out how to meet the desires of the movies. In spite of the fact that Ayushmann and Sonam weren't terrible as a couple, the jodi didn't have enough energy to maneuver the gathering of people into the theater!


Imran Khan – Kangana Ranaut

It's truly terrible that the attractive and humble performer made is rebound through this disgracefully composed sentimental show, loaded with each banality there is. With respect to Kangana Ranaut, would we be able to ever censure her for adhering to movies that emphasis on her?


Shahid Kapoor was born on 25th February 1981 in New Delhi, India. Shahid is considered as the most alluring Indian celebrities in media houses. His parents Pankaj Kapur and Neelima Azeem were both performing artists, however, they were separated when Shahid Kapoor was three years of age. From that point onward, Shahid stayed with his mom and maternal grandparents, they moved to Mumbai when he was 10 years of age.

Let's take a look at 10 Interesting and unknown facts about 'Chocolate boy of Bollywood' Shahid Kapoor that you didn’t know:

1. Shahid was a background dancer in the films Dil To Pagal Hai & Taal.

2. Before doing a lead role Shahid was featured in TV commercials, Music Videos.

3. Shahid Kapoor wanted to become a Professional Dancer.

4. It took him 1 full year to get a perfect body for his film Kaminey.

5. Shahid gave up eating meat after reading the book “Life is Fair” by Brian Hines.

6. Shahid’s first love wasn’t Kareena, he first dated Hrishita Bhatt his co-star in Aryans Music Album.

7. During his struggles, Shahid Kapoor said “When I bought my first car, I also wanted to buy a Pioneer music system for it but at that time I couldn’t afford it. Now they want me to endorse it.”

8. Shahid uses his step father’s (Rajesh Khattar) surname in his passport. His passport reads Shahid Khattar.

9. His favourite Actor is his father Pankaj Kapoor and favourite actress is Julia Roberts.

10. He has been linked with many actresses in his career, starting from his first co-star Hrishita Bhatt, Amrita Rao, Priyanka Chopra, Bipasha Basu, Vidya Balan, Anushka Sharma, Sonakshi Sinha and Kareena Kapoor.


Bollywood has given all of us numerous huge minutes in our adolescence, from epic tunes to hairdos to persuasive discoursed. Bollywood characterizes each Indian's life, resists each rationale, and makes life appear to be more doubtful than it really is. 

Inside all these important minutes are some epic exchanges, that we as a whole say now and again, to pass our day.

you must have surely used Sunny paaji’s dialogue, ‘Ye dhaai kilo ka haath jab uth jaata hai na, tab aadmi uth nahi, uth jaata hai’, at least once in your life!


Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge










Mr. India


Maine Pyaar Kiya




Munnabhai MBBS


Om Shanti Om




On the off chance that you look past the self-evident, a few movies are really a fortune loaded with lessons, we are discussing the films that nailed friendship inside us, through silver screen, in an extremely inconspicuous manner. They are the current works of art which gave us the genuinely necessary friendship lessons. Along these lines, here are 12 such bollywood movies that are a salute to friendship!


Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

You can't compose a friendship's day article without saying this motion picture! Since this is the motion picture that taught us that there is a day called 'Friendship's Day', on which you trade groups! The motion picture additionally taught us that 'pyar dosti hai' and it's not hard to experience passionate feelings for, once you are friends.


Dil Chahta Hai

The trio not just clarified that school friends are for lifetime, yet they likewise clarified how three unique identities can be genuine friends. A dumbo, a gathering popper and a craftsman can be best of friends and share life issues. To put it plainly, there is no different rooftop, with regards to friendship!  The motion picture really clarified that "Hum Na Rahien Kabhi Yaaro Ke Bin"


Rang De Basanti

It is undoubtedly one of the best motion pictures where you can witness the excursion of couple of friends battling against defilement and how everybody relinquished their life for their dead companion. It properly clarifies the significance of friendship over cast, belief and religion and staying with somebody through various challenges.


Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na

Do you know what is the best part of each relationship? It's kinship! A touch of kinship amongst children and guardians, a touch of kinship amongst you and your creature. The film clarifies that! Additionally, they all gave us a number to tag our pappu friends who can't move!



Aside from the track 'Jaane kyun Dil Jaanta Hai..Tu Hai Toh I'll Be Alright', this motion picture gave us the genuinely necessary lesson that all folks and young ladies ought to learn! What's more, the lesson is despite the fact that both the folks fell for the same young lady and needed to win her, at last they help her to join her with the adoration for her life. Since's friendship before affection!


3 Idiots

Aside from droning 'Aal is Well' the motion picture taught us that how friends let you know your shortcoming and qualities and push you to do what you need from your life. Instructions to be there for friends when there life is in risk, and last yet not the minimum, how school days are the greatest days!



Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

The motion picture taught us how we as a whole need a street trip and ought to grab each minute. It is maybe the main film, that instructs the significance of travel, kinship and love together. If not anything, the last scene taught us that your companion's recommendation works out the best!


Student Of The Year

It made us understood that no opposition can come in the middle of friendship and no young lady can break the friendship bond between two folks. Period!


English Vinglish

In spite of the fact that it was a motion picture concentrated on ladies' strengthening, it clarified how friends with various identities can appreciate openly without getting irritated by shading, nationality or spot. To put it plainly, friends are never made on the premise of spot, shading and dialect.


Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani

YJHD made us chuckle, then cry and that certainly gave us an alternate point of view of life and made us understand that a few friendships are for a lifetime. Furthermore, no crevice, or profession choice can break the bond! Bunny, Naina, Aditi and Avi clarified life gets occupied, however you need to set aside a few minutes for friends.



The friendship of a white collar class punjabi young lady from Rajouri garden with Vijaylakshmi taught us kinship can come-up at whatever time and anyplace in life.Vijaylakshmi's character appropriately demonstrates how friends lift up the state of mind, push you for your best and console that life is not that awful!



The narrative of an uncommon friendship between a sadness stricken ATS and a wheelchair bound Chess expert, appropriately clarifies that age contrast can't come in the middle of a bond that is more grounded than any.


1. Heroine



2. Ugly aur Pagli




3. Anjana Anjani 



4. Drona



5. Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara 



6. Mausam



7. Hiss 



8. Hulchul




9. Ra One



10. Naksha

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