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Here is how much ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ cast earned per episode!

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1. Kapil Sharma 

Kapil Sharma who hot the appear and depict the part of Kappu Sharma, Gappu Sharma (Brother of Kappu) and different characters procures Rs 60-80 Lakh. 

2. Navjot Singh Sidhu 

Navjot Singh Sidhu who is seen as a perpetual visitor in the show wins Rs 7-10 Lakh for per scene. 


3. Ali Asgar 

Ali Asgar who depicts numerous parts on the show like Pushpa Nani (grandma of Kappu/Mama (uncle of Kappu)/Begum Luchi (concubine of Nawab Moolchand Khan) wins Rs 5-7 Lakh. 


4. Sunil Grover 

Sunil Grover who depict the part of Dr. Mashoor Gulati, Rinku Devi, Suryaprakash, Navjot Singh Sidhu's Duplicate and different characters wins Rs 10-12 Lakh. 


5. Kiku Sharda 

Kiku Sharda who performs different parts like Damodar Ishwarlal Gaitonde [DIG] (Inspector), Santosh (Sister-in-law of Rinku ), Bumper (medical attendant in Dr Gulati's doctor's facility and Lottery's sister), Motabhai (Rinku Devi's Husband), Nawab Moolchand Khan, No Chopra (Popcorn vender), Builder, Murli and different characters procures Rs 5-7 Lakh. 


6. Chandan Prabhakar 

Chandan Prabhakar who play the character of Chandu (Dubai Tea Shop proprietor), Vimla Devi and different characters procures Rs 4-6 Lakh. 


7. Sumona Chakravarti 

Sumona Chakravarti who assume the part Sarla (Daughter of Dr. Mashoor Gulati and youth companion of Kappu) procures Rs 6-7 Lakh. 


8. Rochelle Rao 

Rochelle Rao who is seen as Lottery (Nurse in Dr Gulati's doctor's facility) procures Rs 3 – 4 Lakh.

posted Aug 1, 2016 by Jay Yadav

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Kapil Sharma's 'The Kapil Sharma Show' has seen the greatest Bollywood stars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Akshay Kumar ROFL. The show has seen tremendously famous sportspersons like The Phogat Sisters, Virender Sehwag, and Sania Mirza blasting into giggling. The explanation for the show's prosperity is its capacity to think of new diversion and jokes to engage the groups of onlookers. At first the pundits expelled the show, yet Kapil and the innovative group acknowledged the pessimism as a road for change. They included some new characters in the show, additionally explored different avenues regarding the visitors and the dramas.

So let’s take a look at top 10 jokes  from "The Kapil Sharma Show" which will make you into laughter!

1. Be careful guys this one is dardnak! It's truly easy to get it.

2. It is safe to say that they are announcing news or terrifying the damnation out of us?

3. Kapil knows everything. He ought to rename his name from "Kapil" Sharma to "Google" Sharma.

4. Try not to be a weight on your parents, particularly in case you're fat.

5. Narendra Modi is the sharpest politician on this planet.

6. The question that everybody has been requesting such a variety of years.

7. Doo Se teen Hona.

8. The undisputed generally accepted fact.

9. The unusual connection amongst Rasgulla and Sangeet.

10. The mystery trick of communicating in English.


Kapil Sharma, the ace humorist, who has won a large number of heart and is well known for his appear, 'Comic drama Nights with Kapil' is not who you think he is. Despite the fact that we know which film will be next advanced on his appear, how well do you know him? Yes, the humorist, who makes us giggle on screen has a side that we have never caught wind of. Underneath, we list seven things that you may not think about this incredible stand up entertainer. 


"Cop" family 


Kapil originates from the family of cops. His dad was in Punjab police as are his siblings and uncles. 


Mother was a motivation 


Kapil gives the acknowledgment for his comical inclination to his mom who remained next to him as a guide of support and trust. 


Tough beginings


Kapil had an exceptionally intense begin in his initial days. He worked at a PCO and at a fabric factory to bolster himself at first. 


Faced rejection


It may amaze you however, Kapil was rejected amid the tryouts of 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge'. In any case, he was later called at the end of the day and he went ahead to win the opposition. 


An emotional person


He may show up as a fun individual on screen, yet he is a significant enthusiastic and genuine individual in his own life. 


First prize money


Kapil spent the whole prize cash (10 lakhs) of 'The Great Indian Laughter Challenge' for his sister's wedding. It was viewed as the most rich occasion of the family. 


Singing desire 


Kapil Sharma needed to be an artist and not an entertainer but rather he wound up doing comic drama on screen. Be that as it may, he gave his voice to a portion of the melodies of his presentation motion picture – 'Kis Kis Ko Pyar Karun'. 


As of late purchased another house 


With no support in the business, he kept on buckling down and scale up. Recently he purchased another house in Mumbai.


Kapil Sharma is an Indian stand-up comedian, television presenter, actor and producer. He hosted a television comedy show Comedy Nights with Kapil from June 2013 to January 2016. Currently, he is hosting another comedy show on Sony Entertainment Television named The Kapil Sharma Show.

He initially came to Mumbai with the dreams of becoming a successful singer.


When he auditioned for the Great Indian Laughter Challenge show in 2007, he was rejected at first. But later came into the show as a wild card and won that Show.

He belongs to a family which has produced cops for generations.

He was Awarded as the Indian of the Year in 2013 by CNN-IBN.

He spent all his prize money from winning the laughter challenge on his sister’s marriage. 

He used to pick crates of soft drinks at one point of time for money and has even worked in PCO's.

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