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Salman Khan’s Lucky Bracelet Was Missing In These Movies!!

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The performer is understood for wearing his four leaf clover!! Have you ever seen why Salman Khan wears a 'blue wrist trinket' in his films? All things considered, that is accepted to be his rabbit's foot!! 

But here are a couple of  pictures in which Salman was not wearing it!!


1. Kick


2. Bajrangi Bhaijaan


3. Bodyguard


4. Dabang


5. Ek Tha Tiger


6. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo


7. Veer


8. Sultan

posted Jul 4, 2016 by anonymous

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Bollywood star Salman Khan has a gigantic fan taking after. A considerable lot of his fans have lined up before Galaxy Apartment just to have a look at him. Chekout Salman has proved demonstrated that he is a definitive star. 


1. Salman Khan is additionally a religious man. He is known for praising each celebration in an amazing style and Ganesh Chaturthi is viewed as Khan family's most loved time. Salman was gotten energetically move to the beats of the dhol. Also, that is truly motivational. An exceptionally kind hearted and sensible identity.


2. Salman was additionally discovered playing football once amid an occasion. The on-screen character is appears to be very easygoing here. Perceive how he's having a good time without a consideration on the planet. 



3. The performing artist is additionally understood how to have a fabulous time with his fans. He has been connected with various philanthropy occasions. Amid an occasion, Salman turned a hair stylist for a philanthropy appear, 'Mission Sapne'. He was giving head back rub to a young lady before the group of onlookers. It is just Salman who can do this. 



4.  Salman Khan set that built body to work for a decent purpose when he tidied up a Karjat town, alongside a gathering of friends,when he was assigned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his Swachh Bharat battle. 


5. Regardless of, he is one of the wealthiest man in bollywood, he utilized open transport to travel. A man who charges 45 crores for a simple notice utilizes auto rickshaw for voyaging is unusual. In any case, our Bhai demonstrates this.