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The Things Every Woman Wants to Tell Her Mother-in-Law

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Think relative and you in a flash get a picture of an opposing lady, sitting on the couch, requesting another lady - most likely her little girl in-law - around. Censure Indian TV for this, however we immediately relate a non-amiable lady to a mother by marriage. Also, the same goes for the little girl in-law as well. She is this plotting lady who considered 'separation families' in school and majored in 'make the spouse pick you over his family'. All things considered, we're appreciative none of it is valid. We do have unlikable relatives however then we have pleasant ones as well. We do have our battles yet by the day's end we both endure each other in light of the fact that we are associated by the man we adore. So dear relative, while we don't as a matter of course loathe you, or plot your homicide in the night, here are 12 things we need you to know with the goal that life can be simple for every one of us. 


1. Trust us: Don't bashful far from letting me know how things are done, simply be interested in the way that I likewise know how to function it out. I won't not be the master cap you are, but rather I am learning. So believe me when I goof up, in light of the fact that I am as yet arriving. 


2. Regard me as a man first: I know you need me to be the perfect bahu, however have a go at associating with me as a man first. That'll unquestionably make things simpler. 


3. Be a decent mother in-law: Not the ideal one, however a decent one. Treat me the way you need me to treat you. 


4. I am alright with sharing my man: insofar as it's sensible, I wouldn't fret sharing him. Simply don't anticipate that him will dependably settle on a decision amongst me and you; offer the poor person a reprieve. 


5. I don't detest you: No, I truly don't. I won't not love you as much as I cherish my own particular mother, yet I regard you similarly. So don't accept that I am out to begin a war. 


6. Try not to listen to everything that your relatives say: Relatives can be the main motivation for the greater part of our contentions. Try not to listen to all that they say and assume the best about me. 


7. Treat me like family as well: You anticipate that me will treat you like family however you generally appear to favor your child to me. Treat dislike your own particular girl, but rather like your child's significant other who additionally merits all the adoration and appreciation that you anticipate that her will give you. 


8. We will have our disparities: You and I are two distinctive individuals and frequently we are put together and anticipated that would simply disregard them. So we should not conscience fight over who is a superior individual and simply settle on a truce. 


9. I have my own specific manner of taking care of my children: You may think that its irregular, or even wrong, the way I handle my children yet believe me, I comprehend what I am doing. The same way your maternal impulses kicked in when you had your child, I know how to parent my children as well. I cherish the incidental counsel, however don't anticipate that me will take after all that you did.


10. I know I have some issues: Same as your child, I have blames as well. What's more, I would value it on the off chance that you came up to me and let me know about them instead of telecast it to your relatives and never let me know. Trust me, I would like to change what I can, and you're guiding it out sincerely and straightforwardly will have all the effect. 


11. I have objectives as well: Don't make light of my objectives since you anticipate that us will fit in a run of the mill little girl in-law mold. I could work and still oversee everything really well. Simply give me a possibility. 


12. Your child has his very own psyche: Not all that matters he does is on account of I have mentally conditioned him. Give him some credit and realize that he makes up his own particular personality.

posted Jun 25, 2016 by Manisha

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1. Rahul Khanna in ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’

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3. Ram in ‘Main Hoon Naa’

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4. Aman Kant Verma in ‘Dil Se’

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Sharmila Tagore

Kareena Kapoor might have melted down to size zero in Tashan but it was beau Saif Ali Khan's ammi who first sizzled on the Indian screen in an itsy bitsy bikini. Sharmila Tagore thrilled audiences with her two-piece act in Shakti Samanta's An Evening in Paris.

Devika Rani

Devika Rani
First lady of Indian cinema is recipient of the Dadasaheb Phalke Award. A student of London's Royal Academy of drama and music. Heroine of the 1930s, yet way ahead of her times. Shocked prudes with the first ever lip lock on screen in the 1933-film Karma. The kiss ran a record four minutes. Devika Rani's most valuable discovery was Dilip Kumar.She was given full state honours on her death in 1994. 

Fatma Begum

Bollywood's first lady director entered the film world with her debut in Veer Abhimanyu (1922).Within four years,she went on to write,produce and direct films. Fatma worked with filmmakers like Ardeshir Irani and Nanubhai Desai before founding her own production company Fatma Films which was later rechristened as Victoria-Fatma Films.  She launched her own production house Fatma Films, and directed Bulbul-e-Paristan in 1926. 


Fatima Begum's daughter Zubeida was India's first talkie actress. She played the female lead in India's first talkie - Alam Ara. Her box-office bonanzas jingled cash counters and Zubeida was the highest paid actor of her times. Rani Zubeida, who broke all traditions of her Muslim household and acted in movies and later married a Rajput royal for love. 

Usha Khanna

Bollywood's only established female music director, although Bibbo was the first female music director of Indian Cinema. At the age of 16, she composed her own songs without being formally trained in music. Khanna made a grand debut in 1959 with Dil Deke Dekho.The industry was so closed to the idea of a woman composing music that most believed someone else was actually composing music under her name. 

Tun Tun

Christened Tun Tun by Dilip Kumar, India's first female comedian's mere presence on screen was enough to set off a laugh riot.While other actresses starved themselves,Tun Tun (born Uma Devi) constantly ate from her dabbaon the sets,claiming she had to maintain her weight.Her childhood dream to sing for Naushad came true with Afsaana likh rahi hoon. 

Fearless Nadia

Mary Ann Evans was also know as "Fearless Nadia" is the first stunt women Hindi cinema. She grew up near Peshawar where she learned to ride horses. After her father was killed in France during WWI, she and her mother moved back to Bombay. She mastered the art of cartwheels and splits, which came in handy later during her film stunts. One of her most famous scenes had her fighting the bad guys on top of a speeding train! She was often showed working out in a gym, which apparently contributed to a fitness craze at the time as well.

Persis Khambatta

Khambatta was the first citizen of India to present an Academy Award and remains the only Indian to do so. She was best known for her role as Lieutenant Ilia in the 1979 feature film Star Trek: The Motion Picture. She had won the Femina Miss India contest in 1965. She was the second winner of Femina Miss India and third Indian woman to participate in the Miss Universe pageant.
Bhanu Athaiya

Bhanu Athaiya was the first female Indian to win an Academy Award in 1983, for designing the costumes for Richard Attenborough's Gandhi. Athaiya started her career as a freelance fashion illustrator for various women's magazines in Bombay. She made her debut as a film costume designer with the film C.I.D. in 1956.


Suchitra Sen

Actress Suchitra Sen was the first Indian actress to be bestowed with an award in an international film festival. Actress Suchitra Sen was the first Indian actress to be bestowed with an award in an international film festival. Suchitra Sen made her debut in films with Shesh Kothaay in 1952, but it was never released. She received a Best Actress Award nomination for the film Devdas (1955), which was her first Hindi movie.


Deepika Padukone: is One of the highest-paid actresses in India, Padukone is the recipient of several awards and the most beautiful women in the world. She features in the listings of the nation’s most popular and attractive personalities. 


Amber Heard: The young and hot actress from America can often be seen in magazines’ Most Beautiful and Sexiest lists. She got her first ground-breaking role in the television show Hidden Palms. 


Priyanka Chopra: She is the former Miss World so surely she will be one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is a sensational performer in Bollywood and has many accolades to show for it.


Selena Gomez: The former Disney starlet from the Wizard of Wavery place has blossomed into an extremely stunning young woman. She is one of the most renown singers in the world now.


Shakira: known for her best-selling song of the 21st century “Hips don’t lie”, Shakira, born on 2nd February 1977 is Colombian singer, songwriter, dancer and many other things. She is one of the most talented and beautiful people in the world right now.


Jennifer Aniston: We all know her as Rachel Green from one of the greatest TV Shows of all time “F.R.I.E.N.D.S”. Born on 11th February 1969, Jennifer Joanna Aniston is an American Actress, producer and businesswoman.


Scarlett Johansson: Best known for her beauty work in films like “Lost in Translation”, “Vicky Cristina Barcelona”, and “Hitchcock”, Scarlett Johansson is an actress considered to be one of the most beautiful women in the world.