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Why should I Join QueryHome

The following information describes how QueryHome Business can help you professionally i.e. Knowledge gaining, Getting problem resolution, Interview Preparation, Job searching and creating visibility for the business.
  • I have a business/finance query, can QueryHome Business help me to get the solution?
    Yes. QueryHome Business create a social setup where each user choose his friends and topics (tags) which can be of area/people of interest. Because of social setup answer probability is high and so the quality of the answer.
  • I am preparing for interview can QueryHome Business be useful for me?
    Yes. Asking Questions and solving others problem is one of the best way to prepare for interview. You not only gets solution of your problem but also get to know what type of question people ask in some particular area.
    You can also publish articles here which is very different then normal blogging. Anything technical can be published and it will appear with other articles and questions based on the context hence readability of the article gets increased many fold as compare to normal blogging.
  • Can QueryHome Business still be useful if I have no plan to attend a interview?
    Yes. By solving others problem you create a connect with other person (may be he/she refers you in future) and the answer goes to your running QueryHome Business profile which can be seen by anyone to Judge your expertise level in certain area.
  • What information is private information at QueryHome Business?
    Your email and password is private to you and site does not disclose this information to anyone.
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