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What is the role of company secretary in an IPO?

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What is the role of company secretary in an IPO?
posted Jun 21, 2017 by Anurag Kashyap

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1 Answer

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The plethora of services, which a Practising Company Secretary can render in IPOs can be listed as under:
1. Planning Stage
(a) Deciding the time line
(b) Compliance related issues
(c) Importance of Corporate Governance
(d) Structure of Board
(e) Promoters consent
(f) Method of issuance of shares (Demat/Physical/Both) - Compliance

2. Due diligence
(a) Company Contract and Leases
(b) Legal and Tax Issues
(c) Corporate issues
(d) Financial Assets
(e) Financial Statement
(f) Creditors & Debtors
(g) Legal Cases against the company

3. Appointing Advisors and other intermediaries such as:
(a) Investment Bankers
(b) Book Running Lead Managers
(c) Issues with Depository
(d) Legal Advisor
(e) Bankers

4. Offer Document
(a) Drafting the offer document
(b) Filing with SEBI
(c) In-principle approval of Stock Exchange
(d) Filing with Designated Stock Exchanges
(e) Complying with Comments received from SEBI
(f) Filing with ROC

5. Issue Period
(a) Adhering to Issue Opening/Closing Date
(b) Compiling Field Reports on subscription status
(c) Coordinating with Registrar/Bankers to the issue

6. Allotment of shares
(a) Basis of allotment
(b) Board meeting for allotment
(c) Crediting shares in beneficiary account/dispatch of share certificates
(d) Despatch of refund orders
(e) Payment of stamp duty

7. Listing
(a) Filing for Listing with Designated Stock Exchange
(b) Finalisation of Listing Process

8. Post issue compliances
(a) To ensure proper compliance with Listing Agreement
(b) Redressal of shareholder complaints
(c) Timely filing of required reports with ROC/SEBI/Stock Exchange

answer Jun 22, 2017 by Ritika Sharma
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