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What is the procedure to register a name of an start up company?

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What is the procedure to register a name of an start up company?
posted Jun 20, 2017 by Divya Shree

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1 Answer

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If you want to start a company in india, than you should incorporate the company as per the companies act 2013 and by comlying the procedure given by the Ministry of corporate affairs. So if you want to incorporate the company than you need a practicing chartered accountant who help you to incorporate the company. now you can file integreted form INC-29 for incorporation the company. for filing such form you should obtain the digital sign for all the director and fill the form as per the instruction given in the form and attach such document which is required i.e. MOA, AOA, Address proof of the company, Photo identity & address proof of all the director etc.

answer Jun 21, 2017 by Niharika Singh
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