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What to do if the TDS credit is not reflected in Form 26AS? ​​

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What to do if the TDS credit is not reflected in Form 26AS? ​​
posted Jun 15, 2017 by Naveen Kumar

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1 Answer

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The department is publicizing that the persons filing the return of income should check your tax credits in 26AS statement before filing IT return for faster processing and quick refunds. Following advisory is on the income tax department efiling site.
Taxpayers are advised to verify the tax credits available in 26AS statement before filing the Income Tax Return. It will facilitate faster processing and quick refunds. In order to avoid the TDS mismatch i.e if your claim of TDS is higher than the tax credits available in 26AS statement, please contact the Deductor for filing of the correction TDS statement.

Thus, when the CPC or A.O processes your return finds that the TDS as per your claim is not reflected in the departmental processing software, they do not allow the TDS credit. Consequentially, either your refund claim is reduced or a demand is generated. This is for no fault of your !

Ways to Get TDS reflected in 26AS statement

As for the assessment year 2011-12, CBDT has already relaxed the condition by issue of CBDT instruction no 2/2012 for allowing TDS credit while processing the income tax return for assessment year 2011-12 which are not reflected in 26AS statement under certain conditions. However, in most of the case, this instruction will not suffice.

Since the origin of problem is directly linked with the callousness of the bank official (read managers), unless they are compelled to take corrective steps, the problem of TDS credit cannot be solved. So here are the steps to be taken for getting the bank manager to submit a revised TDS statement showing your TDS. If he submit revised TDS statement, the 26AS of your will show the amount of TDS automatically.

Step 1: Write to Bank Manager:

Write a letter to bank manager, informing him that 26AS is not reflecting the TDS amount from which TDS certificate is issued by him. Therefore, the bank manager should be requested to upload the TDS statement with the Name, PAN and TDS amount as per TDS certificate. Give a copy to the boss of the Bank Manager.

Step 2: Write to Bank Ombudsman & CIT (TDS)

After one month, if nothing happens, file an application with Banking Ombudsman with your grievance about non reflection of TDs in 26AS and consequential non allowance of td credit by assessing officer.

answer Jun 15, 2017 by Vijay
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