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How WhatsApp Marketing Can Boost Your Sales

0 votes
How WhatsApp Marketing Can Boost Your Sales
posted Feb 26 by Christine Rotz

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1 Answer

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It is important for every business in today's market to use some innovative marketing tools to promote its product / service. WhatsApp is one of the direct marketing tools that allow you to connect with your clients and effectively promote your brand. Competing with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn; WhatsApp has tremendous traffic and is the market's most widely used social network. It enables users to share unlimited text, video , and audio messages through the mobile app for free. The most fundamental thing about WhatsApp is that if you have their WhatsApp mobile number, you can send messages directly to consumers on the mobile.

Bulk email marketing is one of the most enterprises follow effective marketing strategies. Its main drawback, however, is that some emails may go directly into the spam box of customers. Similarly, as compared to WhatsApp, bulk SMS ads has no limitations, but allows you to send high-quality images, video , audio, position chart, and contact data.

answer May 17 by Anastasia Johns
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