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Does the excise duty come under the GST?

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Does the excise duty come under the GST?
posted Mar 28, 2018 by Sherlyn Mishra

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1 Answer

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Yes, excise duty is subsumed under GST. But there are some exceptions to which excise duty will continue even after GST.
Petroleum products are still to come under GST; so they will be taxed as before with excise duty on manufacture and VAT on their sale.
Excise duty is levied on liquor and alcoholic products used for human consumption (if they are consumed for an industrial purpose like antiseptics, they come under GST) by the State governments and will continue just so after GST too. On tobacco products, there will be a special excise duty over and above GST.

answer Mar 30, 2018 by Deepak Jangid