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How to choose which social media platforms are right for my Business?

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How to choose which social media platforms are right for my Business?
posted Mar 23, 2018 by Vijay

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1 Answer

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The world’s biggest social media platform boasts nearly 2 billion monthly active users (MAU’s).

So in my honest opinion, having a Facebook presence for your business is not an option.

It’s a must!

Why you ask?

Think of Facebook as another Google.

If people want to find out more about your or your business, there is a very high possibility they will search on Facebook first!


Age based, the largest user demographic is those aged 25–34
Facebook users are 53% female and 47% male
56% of online seniors aged 65+ are on Facebook and 63% are between age 50–60
What Facebook Does Best

Facebook connects people, business and brands.

It is also hands down the most targeted digital advertising platform in the world.

Facebook is where you set up your social media ‘home base’, just like your website is your digital ‘home base’.

Best features for your business include:

The ability to connect with a vast number of people and prospects
Live streaming capabilities
The most targeted digital advertising platform in the world
eCommerce integrations
What Works Best for Facebook

Long form written content in posts in the news feed
Facebook hosted video is given preference over other forms of content
Live streaming is currently given preference above all content, period

answer Mar 26, 2018 by Sumeet Vyas
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