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What are some proven ways to gain traffic for a new website?

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What are some proven ways to gain traffic for a new website?
posted Jan 5, 2018 by Kavana Gowda

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1 Answer

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Make sure you register your domain out a minimum of 3-5 years, which improves your Google ranking.

Ensure baseline SEO metrics are addressed: Meta Tags (Title/Description), H1 Tags, Content is Cross Linked, have Privacy Doc, Google Site Map, Registered your Domain via Google's Webmaster Tools, Frequently Updated Content (See Blog Above).

Do legitimate back links - I don't mean creating a bunch of spammy back links. Publish articles and PR that have "anchor text" in them for keywords you want to optimize, bookmark your web site across the social web, do comment tags (again "real" comments) on Blogs in your targeted vertical market.

Build your site or move it to WordPress - will vastly improve your search engine rankings and downstream traffic.

Ignore many of your competitors - I can't believe how many sites I see that don't understand basic 101 marketing fundamentals. Be your own Jedi or post a lot of questions here on Quora, but don't follow competitors into a ditch, as many do.

Cross promote your content across the social web - look for a 3-5X times return on content. A Blog post should be featured via LinkedIn, Posterous or Tumblr, your Twitter account, part of it can shared here on Quora or vica versa, etc.

Signature file sounds lame right? Well check your emails and see how many people still don't get this right. Your boring old sig file should have your URL, social personnas/accounts, contacts, etc.

Leverage current events via your Blog - what's today's hot topic? If you can work a blog post around this with the right title your content will get long tail lift via the media's ongoing interest and publishing around this content topic.

Live/work/breath social - Egypt's social fueled revolution is getting more airplay then Justin Bieber - for the right reasons. Depending on B2B or B2C focus get on social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn) and share great content and engage with the social stream.

answer Jan 8, 2018 by Naveen Kumar