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What is the Economics behind Net-Neutrality?

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What is the Economics behind Net-Neutrality?
posted Sep 6, 2017 by Vijay

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1 Answer

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Telecom regulator TRAI’s decision not to allow Facebook’s Free Basics is of great significance and more than anything. it has global implications as well. Nobody can deny that internet has opened a world where all people are making social interactions, engaging in trading and commerce, getting education and having entertainment. Commerce, education and communication have shifting to internet. Google has just emerged the largest firm of the world and it shows that future big enterprises will be from the digital world.

Here, a digital company’s potential depends upon the number of users it has. Facebook’s free basics is an attempt to attract internet users by offering them free access; but limiting internet to companies they like. First impression about free basics gives it a social value – it gives free internet. Free Basics allows users to browse some sites and apps without paying for mobile data.

At the other end, free basics is against net neutrality according to TRAI. Net neutrality means access to free and unbiased internet for all. In simple terms, anyone from anywhere around the world should be able to access or provide internet services and content without any discrimination.

answer Sep 12, 2017 by Prajwal C.m.
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