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What is Capital Output Ratio? What is its significance in macroeconomic management?

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What is Capital Output Ratio? What is its significance in macroeconomic management?
posted Sep 2, 2017 by Ati Kumar

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1 Answer

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A frequently used tool that explain the relationship between the level of investment made in the economy and the consequent increase in GDP is capital output ratio. The concept of capital output ratio expresses the relationship between the value of capital invested and the value of output.

Capital output ratio is the amount of capital needed to produce one unit of output. For example, suppose that investment in an economy, investment is 32% (of GDP), and the economic growth corresponding to this level of investment is 8%.

Here, a Rs 32 investment produces an output of Rs 8. Capital output ratio is 32/8 or 4. In other words, to produce one unit of output, 4 unit of capital is needed. But don’t forget that the Rs 32 invested in the form of machineries will remain there for around ten or twelve years. Such a machinery will be giving Rs 1 output in every year.

What is the relevance of capital output ratio in economic planning?

Capital output ratio has very good use in economic planning. Suppose the government targets an economic growth of 9% for next year. planners know that the capital output ratio in India is 4. Here, to realize 9% growth, investment should be increased to 36% (9 x4).

Capital output ratio thus explain the relationship between level of investment and the corresponding economic growth. There is a simple equation in economics that shows the relationship between investment, capital output ratio and economic growth.

G = S/V

Here, G is economic growth, S is saving as a percentage of GDP and V is capital output ratio.

answer Sep 6, 2017 by Prajwal C.m.
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