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What is Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) of the WTO?

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What is Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) of the WTO?
posted Aug 30, 2017 by Rani Das

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1 Answer

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The trade facilitation decision is a multilateral deal to simplify customs procedures by reducing costs and improving their speed and efficiency. It will be a legally binding agreement and is one of the biggest reforms of the WTO since its establishment in 1995. The TFA will come into existence once two third of the WTO members ratify it. As on January 24, 2016, sixty four countries out of the 162 WTO members ratified it.

The objectives of Trade Facilitation Agreement are: to speed up customs procedures; make trade easier, faster and cheaper; provide clarity, efficiency and transparency, reduce bureaucracy and corruption, and use technological advances. It also has provisions on goods in transit, an issue particularly of interest to landlocked countries seeking to trade through ports in neighboring countries.

answer Sep 4, 2017 by Prajwal C.m.