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Can I start a company in India and operate internationally?

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On the business level it is a online served(globally), and operated on server in India. Now if I made overseas connections with companies but operated from India, then can I do that legally?

posted Jul 20, 2017 by Tanmay

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1 Answer

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Assuming that you are not dealing with the shipping itself, and that you are careful you should be able to avoid any legal hassles. I would suggest avoiding medications, finance and armaments unless you get competent legal advice.

Important considerations:

Sanctions/Embargo's: While India has historically been quite lax on following UN sanctions India itself may have a sanctions list of countries/entities that you can't deal with without license. I couldn't find one but you might want to ask a government advisor in the state you are basing in.

Foreign Taxes: As long as you have no physical presence elsewhere than India that will generally not be a concern.

Shipping: If you don't do the shipping yourself you avoid having to deal with import/export forms and requirements. If you do the shipping yourself you will have to do different forms for every location to/from and it will get much more complicated.

answer Jul 21, 2017 by Mukul Chag
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