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​What is the difference between PAN and TAN?

+1 vote
​What is the difference between PAN and TAN?
posted Apr 2, 2016 by Rupali Thakur

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1 Answer

0 votes
  • P​AN stands for Permanent Account Number and TAN stands for Tax Deduction Account Number.
  • TAN is to be obtained by the person responsible to deduct tax, i.e., the deductor.
  • In all the documents relating to TDS and all the correspondence with the Income-tax Department relating to TDS one has to quote his TAN.
  • PAN cannot be used for TAN, hence, the deductor has to obtain TAN, even if he holds PAN.
  • However, in case of TDS on purchase of land and building (as per section 194-​IA) as discussed in previous FAQ, the deductor is not required to obtain TAN and can use PAN for remitting the TDS.​
answer Jul 11, 2017 by Sumeet Vyas
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